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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • angel lynn
    angel lynn

    Gloom:do normal people have fat on their forehead Me:that's sad that girl has a skin condition or its fat lol

  • Ani Komenda
    Ani Komenda

    the way kassie says bye makes me so happy

  • Naila Hunter
    Naila Hunter

    Me: wait does she know britney spears?

  • Rachel Rector
    Rachel Rector

    5:32 yeah um thats there house now😃👍

  • Your local KAREN
    Your local KAREN

    That monitor lizard was soooo cute

  • Phoenix Dubs
    Phoenix Dubs

    4:22, I pronounce it Ser-acha 😂

  • Christopher J.P. Mask
    Christopher J.P. Mask

    1:59 Jessie watchers MRS KIPLING

  • Lauren Madison
    Lauren Madison

    Uhhh don’t eat raw cow milk it has bacteria and something dirt

  • Abandoned_Wolfie

    my 14 year old cousin has siz 14 shoes

  • firey green fox
    firey green fox

    Spike thing:gos to other leg Me: cyote Peterson

  • Ferret Overload
    Ferret Overload

    Mrs. Kipling?! Is that you!? 1:56

  • Karma_ Therapy rat
    Karma_ Therapy rat

    I love that she said guy and girl and non-binary !

  • L Cou
    L Cou

    Gloom stop please

  • Crystal Ribey
    Crystal Ribey


  • Bxmblebee Gacha
    Bxmblebee Gacha

    (Me at the intro: insert intense sweating here 😰😅)

  • Kiah Harris
    Kiah Harris

    You are wrong

  • ×°Little Annie°×
    ×°Little Annie°×

    Oooh! I love kassie even moreee "And non-binary people"

  • Kate Earley
    Kate Earley

    Cassie why r u eating cereal like a cereal killer Me dies

  • Essynce Boswell
    Essynce Boswell

    What goes down must come up and Jon demonstrated that when he tried to swallow that hotdog

  • Faith_ Tv
    Faith_ Tv

    2:13 ain’t reptiles the best

  • Cookie dough squad
    Cookie dough squad

    Burger boi be having cheat day every day 🤣

  • Whyamihere_14

    I for some odd reason SQUEALED with joy when she said “Or non-binary!” It’s just..AAAAAA I KNOW SHES PAN BUT LIKE THAT JUST WARMS MY HEART.

  • Indo,Mation WoF
    Indo,Mation WoF

    That lizard was a laced monitor and they have razor sharp tiny teeth, when bitten by any type of monitor you have to get stitches or antibiotics from how sharp and how much bacteria there is in their mouth. Lace monitors get to 5 feet long and Komodo dragons while being a monitor get to 13 feet long.

  • Peachy Panda
    Peachy Panda

    nya ichi me san nya arigatooooo!

  • ♥️pink paws and friends ♥️
    ♥️pink paws and friends ♥️

    3:36 Sunny boi or girl or non binary

  • Tam Carl
    Tam Carl

    me; whyd u say plz insted ofplease?!

  • #Crazy Cookies!
    #Crazy Cookies!

    You turn into a bird🤣

  • Melodie Nollenberger
    Melodie Nollenberger

    the big lizard was actually a monitor lizard

  • Andra and friends [ADOPT ME]
    Andra and friends [ADOPT ME]

    LGBTQ+ Friends :D Am bisexual :3

  • CandyCookies  N
    CandyCookies N

    0:53 gloom a bird-

  • ‍

    Me in the corner: :eyes:

  • Joan Aranca
    Joan Aranca


  • Joan Aranca
    Joan Aranca

    1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08

  • Joan Aranca
    Joan Aranca

    Please stop:(

  • Mia Rose
    Mia Rose

    Milk is like cow c@m

  • Louisa Fisher
    Louisa Fisher

    I like microwaved spinach Not sure why you need to know but now you do now

  • •strawberry•frog•

    The thing that the guy was using was a otomatone

  • BlueSky (BlueSky)
    BlueSky (BlueSky)

    that lizard was an argentine tegu

  • Julia Campbell
    Julia Campbell

    4:02 ummm what is that

  • Jessica Dungjen
    Jessica Dungjen

    By the way that is a Comodo Dragon I apologize if I spell it wrong but I don’t care to

  • Dad Cooper
    Dad Cooper


  • {Charrii- San}
    {Charrii- San}

    Ahem- The “toilet brush” you were wondering about would be an otamatone.

  • Ash the gacha potato
    Ash the gacha potato

    *Can I just say that isn't a lizard it's a taigu*

  • Tammy kelley
    Tammy kelley

    i was like when it was the milk and cookie i think it was spay bottle with milk and she had a cookie

  • Reagan Roberts
    Reagan Roberts

    I am literally about to cry. I'm at 3:42 and Gloom just said the most un-sexist thing ever. Istead of saying girl or boy, Gloom TOOK THE EXTRA STEP TO SAY NONBINARY. Thank you so much Gloom for not forgetting us. All people of the almighty nonbinary umbrella UNITE!!! (to do so, please comment NON. Ty!)

  • moo

    has anyone noticed kassie's cute as shirt!! 10/10 so cute!! love the clouds!💖

  • Isabella C
    Isabella C

    wait beefy burger boi's name is johnny lawrence like from cobra kai :o

  • Isabella C
    Isabella C

    3:37 i like how respectful she is, she said "or non-binary"

  • Isabella C
    Isabella C

    2:06 no its mrs. kipling 🥱😩

  • Ollie Evans
    Ollie Evans

    ife gone dead

  • Joanne Richey
    Joanne Richey

    its a otamatone-

  • Mermaid Queen Kate
    Mermaid Queen Kate


  • RevoltHQ

    These titles are getting weird

  • Snakey snake
    Snakey snake

    Gloom/Kassie, that lizard is a tegu, and the music thing is a atomatone. (These may not be true) go to snake discovery on LTwhite for the tegu

  • Cerys Phillips
    Cerys Phillips

    The lizard TikTok is probably a Asian water monitor I don't know how I know I just.Probably do lol

  • Bubbles the ubbles
    Bubbles the ubbles

    Gloom I know your name is cassy

  • Truth Anyanwu-Good
    Truth Anyanwu-Good

    please tell me where you got your outfit

  • Lunar Teddy
    Lunar Teddy

    When that girl hit that bug I was scared then when the bug moved I screamed with Kassie that my mom asked me what was wrong XD

  • I love rescue bots SO much
    I love rescue bots SO much

    1:14 Gloom: he’s making a cute clay thing- hmmmmmn HMMMMMMMM gloom: why would you put the head ther- OHHHHHHHHHH-

  • Hannah Wauch-Buckland
    Hannah Wauch-Buckland

    I call it siracha (sir-a-cha) cuz... IM AUSTRALIAN :)

  • XxQueen_BeexX (Hunny bear)
    XxQueen_BeexX (Hunny bear)

    Not not (seer-ah-cha

  • XxQueen_BeexX (Hunny bear)
    XxQueen_BeexX (Hunny bear)

    I thought it was (sir-ah-cha)

  • S o l a r
    S o l a r

    3:45 Where can I BUY IT

  • Minty & Leila
    Minty & Leila


  • Kestyn Martin
    Kestyn Martin

    With that bug one, I ACTUALLY HAD THAT IN MY ROOM

  • Harrison Gamer 22
    Harrison Gamer 22

    3:43 what is that music called???????????????????????????????

    • Tiger 2510
      Tiger 2510

      I think it's called "Toxic"? I didn't listen to it for a while so I can be wrong

  • Angel Nwalusi
    Angel Nwalusi

    You can't tell me that that lizard does not look like Mrs.k from Jessie

  • hardi pkk
    hardi pkk

    🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫I. Can. Not. Hear

  • Ashton Freeland
    Ashton Freeland

    0:47 her soul left her body xD

  • queen bee
    queen bee

    I am obsessed with your shirt Cassie love

  • atiyeh shadabi
    atiyeh shadabi


  • Casey

    The worst for me was the centipede one

  • Crafty_girl_YT

    1:57 hello there Mrs.Kipling!

  • Jessica “TheFamilyPlum” Watts
    Jessica “TheFamilyPlum” Watts

    If the milk was fresh I would NOT be happy Y'all that understand 👇there

  • Fun with Colt
    Fun with Colt

    i pronounce it SER-RA-CHA

  • Valentina Raffaelli
    Valentina Raffaelli

    One time I saw a lizard eat a baby grasshopper

  • Alex

    Yes and I fall down the rabitthole of gloom videos

  • ✔︎⚡️Custard⚡️✔︎-

    I kinda forgot but the skinny dogs name is kermet-

  • summer thiemonge
    summer thiemonge

    I feel very alive that she said “girl, or boy, or non binary” respect legend

  • Eri Chan OwO
    Eri Chan OwO

    I like Kassies dress/shirt it’s so cute

  • Luloink

    The greese

  • Maylasya Knorr
    Maylasya Knorr

    i find the dog one funny

  • Mongooseodon

    2:03 they most definitely have teeth, and sharp claws too 😬

  • Raven Cross
    Raven Cross

    The song is victorious on whatever it is

  • Weeb.0

    Can we just appreciate how she went boy, or girl, or non-binary 😌

  • foxy Roxy noxy Fox
    foxy Roxy noxy Fox

    The komodo dragon is mrs. Kippling from jessie on Disney channel

  • Razzles

    The lizard is a asian water monitor it's Ms Kipling from Jessie so yes it is quite big that thing won't be getting into you garage

  • Em Beboso
    Em Beboso

    5:35 Plot twist: It was a 1 storey house

  • Jemma Driscoll
    Jemma Driscoll

    I wounder how that 911 call would go

  • roxy

    It's cat milk...

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    Can we appreciate that she said she he or non binary!

  • x.Bun-Bun.x

    why the heck would you say "its still WaRm"

  • Gigasquat The ROBLOXIAN
    Gigasquat The ROBLOXIAN

    3:10 a new type of lazy... so lazy that you would work soooo hard to wrap your dishes so you can avoid doing the dishes

  • SpaceDavis 492
    SpaceDavis 492

    I was very disappointed in gloom when I found out she didn't know what pitch perfect was.

  • Lillianna Hood
    Lillianna Hood

    Cassie the Seagull

  • Werewolf family
    Werewolf family

    More another One 5:55

  • Werewolf family
    Werewolf family

    5:27 is that your voice Kass?

    • Werewolf family
      Werewolf family

      Another One 7:07

    • Werewolf family
      Werewolf family

      I'm sorry

  • Alyex


  • Daphne’sworld

    Peanut shell nail huh if I didn’t cut it off immediately and didn’t have my EpiPen I’d die in a minute

  • Keira Mousseau
    Keira Mousseau