i can't beat this level 💀 Lick Runner
This is the mobile game Lick Runner! I got stuck multiple times in this game but not for any of the reasons I thought I'd get stuck.
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Video Edited by Terry \u0026 MauriCleric
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • Nova Nyha Avila
    Nova Nyha Avila

    Me too ❤️😊.

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  • Kim Denny
    Kim Denny

    Lol I like bell peppers

  • Alicia Croatto
    Alicia Croatto

    The yellow thing is a banana I am from Australia and in fourth grade pls comment if you are in fourth grade. Too

  • SmoothieGuy (SG)
    SmoothieGuy (SG)

    Oh my gosh let me tell you a gross story! My big brother found a candy and then he throw why because the candy wasn’t actually a candy it was a soap

  • Addison Teichman
    Addison Teichman

    Kassie don't say OH NO cause you distracted yourself by talking to us instead of paying attention to the game which I found funny because that's the purpose you made this video :D

  • Mahiya Islam
    Mahiya Islam

    the yellow thing was a banana.

  • Colorless Dipesh
    Colorless Dipesh

    I thought they were not friends but they are so i like it

  • Addeline Winton
    Addeline Winton


  • Sweety Sweety
    Sweety Sweety

    Gloom u should try this game out it’s called yoga couples please try this out

  • rainbowfrost gam
    rainbowfrost gam

    yes i love your murch

    • Hi

      Who are you talking to?

  • Sophia kate paglinawan salubre vlogs
    Sophia kate paglinawan salubre vlogs

    Is it just me or is her game is laggy

  • Eleanor Thorpe
    Eleanor Thorpe

    I don’t know how she didn’t rage because I hate glitchy games

  • Eleanor Thorpe
    Eleanor Thorpe

    Is it just me or was the game quality HORRIBLE and it kept on glitching

  • Delany9573

    Taking the kfc slogan to another level

  • adelia Sy
    adelia Sy

    awww kassie support azzy

  • Liz Carrington
    Liz Carrington

    I feel you girl

  • Zoe Read
    Zoe Read

    Its a bannana

  • Annette Ann
    Annette Ann

    The game got updated lol


    0:15 when you are a big youtuber but you still have iphone 5😂😂 love from india❤️❤️❤️ happy day

  • Molly and Kennedy
    Molly and Kennedy

    It’s funny how there’s like four different faces and they’re all licking😂😂😂😂

  • colby Hill
    colby Hill

    0_0 crashing?

  • Christelle Lagman
    Christelle Lagman

    I think the black is col I think I'm so so sorry I don't really know spelling that

  • Aaliyah Edits
    Aaliyah Edits

    The lag 🤭

  • Emma Woodcock-Almud
    Emma Woodcock-Almud

    pls answer this quistion: are you gonna baby-sit Laurens kid?

  • claire timmons
    claire timmons

    Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭

  • Naya Ocampo
    Naya Ocampo

    I did not realize that she wearing Aziz merch

  • nature club team
    nature club team

    luv her videos

  • Kaliyah Green
    Kaliyah Green

    Why was it so glitchy

  • Diana Griffin
    Diana Griffin

    I love how half the comments are just like “aw she’s so supportive she’s wearing azzys merch” and it is

  • Imran Sohail
    Imran Sohail

    I love that she doesn’t know what the banana was btw I love your vids

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    Francine Galvez


  • yellow bubble gum
    yellow bubble gum

    You can do it we believe In you

  • Skeeter Agnes
    Skeeter Agnes

    P Aa

  • Laila Abdel Kader
    Laila Abdel Kader


  • Laila Abdel Kader
    Laila Abdel Kader

    I love you so much gloom

  • PinNeedle

    I would buy my friends merch too...... If I had money...... Or if they actually had any.......

  • life is on her period rn
    life is on her period rn

    Every comment: I love how she's wearing azzys merch- Me: how'd she even find this game in the first place-

  • trapstar_goongang cvb
    trapstar_goongang cvb

    I really like your vids

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    Alexis Cook


  • Ahmed Salim
    Ahmed Salim

    Its ok if u were azzys shirt but u cant say that its yours

  • Ahmed Salim
    Ahmed Salim

    I can see that it says azzyland

  • Ahmed Salim
    Ahmed Salim


  • Tayla's channel
    Tayla's channel

    You hVe azzy land mrech

  • Anthoniel Mitchell
    Anthoniel Mitchell

    You should try out the game "Body Race" PLEASE GLOOM!!

  • H7llie

    You are a qweennnn

  • Shoto is cute
    Shoto is cute

    If u look very close to the tongue in has hair on it eww

  • Siennas Life
    Siennas Life

    I really want you to play more video games I understand if you don’t want to but it gets more views😏jkjkjkkkjj

  • Dragonmk188

    this is not a game

  • Kristen Henningfeld
    Kristen Henningfeld

    How dare you insult slobberydogs

  • Sapphire Willden
    Sapphire Willden

    It is ice

  • Frankie Teagardner
    Frankie Teagardner

    I love how she's wearing Azzy's merch I just think its so cute and nice. @Azzyland

  • _シbrokenpepper_

    Hola Idk what this I

  • Darius Eunice
    Darius Eunice

    can you play Roblox but I want you to play Roblox please it's very fun there's a game called Brookhaven Bird's life and there is a awesome game that is named adopt me so please play Roblox my sister's attacking me bye bye bye-bye bye

  • ii Shxde ii ii
    ii Shxde ii ii


  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose


  • Corbin Starkweather
    Corbin Starkweather

    When she said she’s a disgusting slobbery dog my mind was like: that’s an insult to a slobbery dog

  • Anthony Murphy
    Anthony Murphy

    cool vid Gloom

  • Felix RomoWithers
    Felix RomoWithers

    wait she just ate an eggplank... gloom is sus

    • Felix RomoWithers
      Felix RomoWithers


  • Shimmer Mermaid
    Shimmer Mermaid

    I’m seeing so many comments of Azzyland’s merch it’s so cute that the fact of love your giving to their friendship it’s so cuuuuuuute 💖🤍💖🤍 I love the merch too I’m literally wearing it now

    • Shimmer Mermaid
      Shimmer Mermaid

      I saw so many comments of the merch I just left my phone and got the merch ready for me to wear ! 💖🤍💖

  • Tails Is Genius
    Tails Is Genius


  • iiFelineii

    I love your murge

  • Addy Andrews
    Addy Andrews

    You should play cheerleading 3D it’s cool

  • Jessica Varner
    Jessica Varner

    I'm scared......This game is so weird just why. Btw love how she is wearing Azzy's merch.

  • Juliet Harris
    Juliet Harris

    THIS GAME IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Armando Gomez
    Armando Gomez

    Do cheerleader run 3D

  • Kamryn Camp
    Kamryn Camp

    She is a runner she is a track Star

  • lil chococookie
    lil chococookie

    Awww kassie supports azzy also i love that popsicle

  • Theresa Zeeman
    Theresa Zeeman

    YES!!! I love your merch!!! I love you vids!! THEIR THE BEST EVER!!! and also I played that game

  • Ni Ni Puppy pie
    Ni Ni Puppy pie

    I love that she’s wering azzys merch

  • Jenna♥︎Benena

    Oh no what cursed monster showed you this app

  • Kimra Brown
    Kimra Brown

    How is my brother my mom adopted him

  • Kimra Brown
    Kimra Brown

    My brother is a dog

  • Charmelle Salasina
    Charmelle Salasina

    That game is so wired that why it dose not have a lot of stars

  • Unicorn W
    Unicorn W


  • Pooh bear
    Pooh bear

    Love how she is wearing azzys merch azzy and gloom are my favorite❤️

  • Aleksandra Cowie
    Aleksandra Cowie

    I love how she is wearing azzys merch! Also I love seeing gloom play games that Lauren has played as well

  • The Crayon Kids
    The Crayon Kids

    Wow she wearing azzy cool

  • ALL things ALX
    ALL things ALX

    Who else just stuck their tongue out the whole video and didn’t know it?

  • Nevaeh Janvrin
    Nevaeh Janvrin

    She is wearing Azzy’s merchandise! That’s how you know she is a supportive person!

  • Amy Noel
    Amy Noel

    You should play blob runner

  • Fun Time With Firray
    Fun Time With Firray

    Next play slice it all

  • deanna mercer
    deanna mercer

    I love you so vids so much and you 😍😘❤

  • Vicky YT
    Vicky YT

    Love the Azzy merch 😍

  • Ariel Gwendolyn
    Ariel Gwendolyn

    She said shes a runner shes still a track star.

  • Kikique


  • lia is a walker
    lia is a walker

    when almost all the comments are about azzy's merch thanks gloom for supporting her and making awesome videos for everyone

  • beet

    half of the comments: azzys merch

  • ↗Cocooa↗

    8:05 Pretty sure thats butter?

  • Violit Parr
    Violit Parr

    Please play more episode

  • Violit Parr
    Violit Parr

    Please play more episode

  • Anya Patel
    Anya Patel

    Day 4 of asking for a “gloom gloom” series instead of troom troom

  • Claire Gies-Tsilikounas
    Claire Gies-Tsilikounas

    Ummmmmmmmmmm wow?

  • danjela kastrioti
    danjela kastrioti

    Try fit 2 fat next

  • felindro albuquerque
    felindro albuquerque

    The yellow thing was a banana

  • Anna Besancon
    Anna Besancon

    Lauren z side played this as well

  • Madde cakes 💋🥰💋💋🥰
    Madde cakes 💋🥰💋💋🥰

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    pxtpxts 72


  • Lacy Omsberg
    Lacy Omsberg

    Don’t know if it just me but THEE LAGGG

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    Tinyiko Portia Baloyi


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