Oddly satisfying but you can taste it
This is the most beautiful food I could find. I’m so hungry now. I’m still thinking about the pizza and ice cream bars.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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  • Crystal Watterston
    Crystal Watterston

    also btw gloom the jelly looking thing was called sugar jelly u can find them in the snack section at walmart!

  • Alan Chong Fook Seng
    Alan Chong Fook Seng

    Why does she eat corn starch

  • Martina Tausche
    Martina Tausche

    Do you now what country am i from?

  • Mosby Stiffler
    Mosby Stiffler

    The large cake you normally disassemble it serve it so each tear would be a slice

  • william mourer
    william mourer

    I put my face in my bday cake

  • Cecilia H
    Cecilia H

    I had to get a whole bowl of gummie bears after watching this.

  • Jessica

    When you have braces and you can't eat half of this: 😢

    • Easy Slime DIYs
      Easy Slime DIYs


  • AD Ankita Devi
    AD Ankita Devi

    Ugh! Why didn't I find this channel earlier!!! 😩😩 I love it 💕💕💕 thank you youtube recommendation

  • OatmealCats

    my 5th grade class went to a candy factory and we got to see them pull the taffy

  • Jaime Schainholtz
    Jaime Schainholtz

    I’m hungry now😭

  • Spoonie

    10:01 It is hard candy. I once had an trip with my class to a factory of hard candy,we saw the process and I even got the chance to make my own.

  • Brandy Matala
    Brandy Matala

    Do a collab with azzy

  • Gravity Falls
    Gravity Falls

    Me and my friends be trying corn starch straight every time were together

  • hi my name is gLoOom
    hi my name is gLoOom

    hi my name is gLoOom

  • Mercy Jones
    Mercy Jones

    The girl eating corn starch I think she has Pica

  • -FeatherFallingArt-

    Go to Jack and The Box- they sell mini pancakes there-

  • Megan Junk
    Megan Junk

    My mom said

  • Megan Junk
    Megan Junk

    Nrm I can’t have you do that

  • Megan Junk
    Megan Junk

    Gloom pls download Roblox it’s cool friend me owlgirl713

  • i’m sha
    i’m sha

    Noo someone help that girl eating corn starch

  • Brooke Clecker
    Brooke Clecker

    Gloom = happy day I’m gloooooom! Me= eating 3 musketeers and drinking new berry lemonade Sunkist

  • Favour Martin
    Favour Martin

    3:17 everyone; wowwwwww so cool me; thinking how messy it will look when I am eating it.

  • SMToon Philippine
    SMToon Philippine

    Me being Korean and never hearing about the mint chocolate craze- I'll go have a crisis

  • chi_bonn




  • ChanelPlays

    uhm- at the title “but you can taste it” I thought it said cant and I was like WAIT I can’t eat that

  • isabella brown
    isabella brown

    your daily check-in

  • Camipotatogacha

    HOW DARE YOU GIVE THE HARRY POTTER CAKE A B!!!!!!!!! ITS AN A+++ AND YOU KNOW IT (not trying to be mean its a joke)

  • adelle bryon
    adelle bryon

    That intro tho sheeeesh

  • Bk Mb
    Bk Mb

    I love uncooked pastaaaaaaaaaaa

  • RevoltHQ

    When To saw the pizza on the thumbnail I went “ AH~ pizza papi “

  • Jude

    I’m hard to impress.. *that **_raw_** pasta impressed me.*

  • Jude

    3:28 Kassie turns into a ‘kawaii’ gamer girl😂👏

  • Alice Du
    Alice Du

    As a Case Closed/Detective Conan fan, my eyes were, apparently, on the Detective Conan new movie poster during the “Breakfast at McDonald’s Japan” episode. :P

  • Madeline Isaac
    Madeline Isaac

    Kassie: what is this pole of powder but it is so satisfying Me: It a pole of melted nerds covered in sherbet

  • Leslie Garza
    Leslie Garza

    I made homade mozzarella sticks they were mostly burnt

  • Evelyn Kiefer-Roulet
    Evelyn Kiefer-Roulet

    Gloom you know the cake you called mini I don’t wanna be annoying but that’s a type of Moose cake.

  • Grace Cameron-Smith
    Grace Cameron-Smith

    I heard that there was a woman who eats 🧱 bricks

  • It's a me Louie
    It's a me Louie

    The McDonald’s that I have has small and big pancakes

  • 2 ideots with a phone
    2 ideots with a phone

    Can we take a moment to praise gloom for realizing corn starch girl has a ed?

  • AurorA Garcia
    AurorA Garcia

    The candy that she is eating is like crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside

  • EE360Gaming

    like when my mom is making pasta i ask her if she can give me a couple strans of uncooked pasta

  • zordax playz
    zordax playz


  • Sydney Dixon
    Sydney Dixon

    So the girl was eating corn starch may have Iron deficiency like my mom because it makes you crave unordinary things like starch or cough drops that you usually eat as snacks.

  • Nur Zara Alya Mohammad Zaki
    Nur Zara Alya Mohammad Zaki

    Kassie: they're like chicken Me seeing noodle or spaghetti: CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH A COLA ON THE SIDE

  • JunglePalm

    5:15 i think this video is in reverse and the jelly is getting dipped into some liquid that turns it into sugar?

  • Audrey's Mind
    Audrey's Mind

    In Korea they have bts meals with photo cards 😭💕✨

  • Grinning Honeybeee
    Grinning Honeybeee

    3:27 she twitched-

  • calz.x

    Why does the Gloohoom always have me laughing 😂

  • Agustina Ríos
    Agustina Ríos

    5:03 This video is backwards, they already fool us.😒👿🔥

  • He Tina
    He Tina

    The powder liquid thing can’t you be smart enough to know that’s reverse motion

  • Kathy Ofarts
    Kathy Ofarts

    Raw pasta be 😗👌 Kassie i with you girl

  • lulu h.
    lulu h.

    I'm starving now

  • Logan Thompson
    Logan Thompson


  • Pxstel_Sxnset

    Our McDonald has syrup and butter and pancakes. Not just Japan has pancakes they just have tiny versions of McDonald pancakes here

  • Aliyah Taylor
    Aliyah Taylor


  • Massie Wassie
    Massie Wassie

    how bad is it that i've never had boba?

  • Mellissa Moore
    Mellissa Moore

    Yuck corn starch

  • T o x i c x B x t c h
    T o x i c x B x t c h

    Thare is a mental illness called pika and it means you want to eat stuff that ant ment to be eaten and its stuff like.. plastic ,rocks,sand,dirt. Its often known around a South America

  • Erin Ollis
    Erin Ollis

    The thing that you didn't know that it is Turkish delight

  • Choco_ Lizzi
    Choco_ Lizzi

    When u click on this after scrolling thru tiktok and see one that u watched earlier

  • Bits and Bobs
    Bits and Bobs

    Her says nioki What is really is meant to be no-ki

  • Zainab Husain
    Zainab Husain

    That’s not bad for you I’m not here to be nice said it’s not bad for you eating cornstarch

  • Ganti Tejaswini
    Ganti Tejaswini

    9:34 that felt so dry ahhhhhhh

  • Zyonna Johnson
    Zyonna Johnson

    I'm eating monsterela sticks

  • LibraryFrog

    Well all we can say is atleast the girl LIKES the corn startch

  • myteacup

    Kassie: how dare u okay with your food an te- *eye flinch* tease me like that

  • Izzy Bizzy
    Izzy Bizzy

    I was watching this and then i complained to my dad how hungry I was and how much I wanted mozzarella sticks. two seconds later Kassie shows a video about mozzarella sticks. Im dying right now from starvation

  • Kiera

    "awww...is that fondooooonnt"😂😂😂

  • Alvin Wee
    Alvin Wee

    Me: **ate already** Also me: HAH I ATE ALRE- Me after the video: MOMMM IM HUNGRY-

  • Karla Taylor
    Karla Taylor

    The corn starch block tho. O-O noice


    ( 4:08 ) I thought only something like that could only happen to Nagito Komaeda in Danganronpa V2- guess I was wrong


    * Me who doesn’t like mozzarella * um 👁👄👁

  • Family King
    Family King

    Yummy gloom I’m a big fan of you and azzyland

  • Aurora Oda Gillard
    Aurora Oda Gillard

    Gloom: mozzarella sticks are the best thing ever known to man Me: I have never had one because I can't eat cheese:(

  • Julia Rizzuto
    Julia Rizzuto

    5:04 Kassie I love you but like I’m pretty sure that video was in reverse 😂😂

    • Julia Rizzuto
      Julia Rizzuto

      Correct me if I’m wrong

  • Ellie Gacha
    Ellie Gacha

    I wish I lived in America so I can get skims

  • midnight potato
    midnight potato

    the vid at 5:03 is actually reversed.

  • • Nagito Komaeda YT channel• (Naggytoe)
    • Nagito Komaeda YT channel• (Naggytoe)

    0:55 Racist people when they see an asian

  • that_randomgamergirl

    "I'm glue-hoooom

  • DD Morgan
    DD Morgan

    The powder looking candy that was being pulled up is some kind of Popin Cookin candy making kit. I believe its nerunerunerune or something like that but I'm not 100% sure. The hamburger one is the best though. I'd love to see Kartha Gewart make it.


    i consider kassie very different to other yters who like stage everythung but shes just so cute and lovely and it makes me very happy

  • YEET🍪

    Kassie:I love how it looks like peptobismo me:but your shirt looks like peptobismo

  • Anisa Malik
    Anisa Malik


  • It's ya gurl
    It's ya gurl

    I love raw pasta

  • Maria -chan (Maria)
    Maria -chan (Maria)

    6:59 I think those are called Kohakuto

  • Angel El-Meniawy
    Angel El-Meniawy

    3:27 the way her eye twitched lol

  • grimm30143

    Gloom’s face when the spaghetti was cutting😈

  • Ms. Steal Your Girl
    Ms. Steal Your Girl

    Anybody else catch that eye twitch? 3:27

  • GD SkillzZz™
    GD SkillzZz™


  • •Itz_kai_kai•

    you take the sprinkles and dip some ice cream cones on there 3:48


    Just pressed on this video and there was a Macdonalds commercial and I guess there is now a “BTS Meal” We are so bored with our lives

  • LaShonda Artis
    LaShonda Artis

    Can't we all appreciate how that man just got a 3 for 2 deal for chips and cookies and the chips are original yes they are yes they are 🤩👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 this man deserves an award for most chips and two cookies to ever get out of a vending machine

  • Nawal Hoosen
    Nawal Hoosen

    7:05 it's jelly that has been sundried for about a few days. And you can adjust the amount of sugar you use 🙃

  • Zoey

    Play the first second in slow made it is funny 😂

  • Megan Russell
    Megan Russell

    look at this cake its like that big gloom says while looking at the mini cake 11:32

  • ____


  • Abby J
    Abby J

    There are pancakes at my McDonald’s and I love in the USA

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda

    I'm eating pizza so I can really taste it.

  • Ėrrør Głïčh
    Ėrrør Głïčh

    Who else hates gloom 😑 Jk you know I was joking ☺️ ❤️