I tried an EXPERT level Food Art Bento
I've tried a lot of Tik Tok food art bentos and wanted to try the actual thing inspired by Japanese Kaiseki. She was expensive but very different from what I'm used to!
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  • G¿G¡ MyA
    G¿G¡ MyA

    Why did I never realize that the intro was in a different language

  • Abbey Turner
    Abbey Turner

    I have wagyu cows at my homd

  • Fright-Chan

    If I can eat this once in my life I'll call myself rich

  • MultiRoseEdits

    the sad thing is, LITERALLY EVERY TOP COMMENT STARTS WITH “can we just”

  • YazyDaGop

    Literally nobody people in the comments- "are we gonna talk about her amazing outfit". "can we just appreciate this..." "can we appreciate that" "can we just give a round of applause for this!?" Like ya but bro have you never seen a youtuber no duh! XD.

  • Susannah Han
    Susannah Han

    Gloom Kartha Gewart intro: *Gordon Ramsay Chef's kiss intesfied*

  • Adam Rose
    Adam Rose

    My daughter loves watching your channel and she was saying you should make an email or something so people can send you recipes to try!

  • Angelika Wirat
    Angelika Wirat

    That mochi they ate was called a sakura mochi and the reason why the leaf is salty it’s because it’s picked sakura leaf

  • Alliesa_Syahira Yanni
    Alliesa_Syahira Yanni

    12 : 52 watch it

  • Niah Babii
    Niah Babii

    Kassie-my pants are covered in melon juice *her pants only having little dots of melon juice*

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    What the place called that u got it from?

  • I’m.bord.

    Kartha gewart always steals kassies dog 😥

  • Hadiya Pervez
    Hadiya Pervez

    where is twinky

  • milkyytea

    11:28 who's gonna tell her that you can't eat the leaf?

  • Heather Spears
    Heather Spears

    I love when she does these videos 😅

  • Tangerine *
    Tangerine *

    I love how she's just eating it and Terry is watching behind the camera 😂

  • ✰ᴶᵃˣᶠʳᵒᵍᶻˣ✰𓆏

    Maybe Kartha gewert is kassies twin

  • Saul Ponce
    Saul Ponce

    She needs to try mexican food

  • the artist Tanny
    the artist Tanny


  • Sunset Baby potato
    Sunset Baby potato


  • Katie Toth
    Katie Toth

    You know foods gonna be awesome if u don’t understand any of the words in the name

  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris


  • Eudopema

    lords are people who are in charge of a villige if i am corract

  • Ranz Chelsea Olivar
    Ranz Chelsea Olivar

    10:30 shoyooo nooo😭

  • mei minamikawa
    mei minamikawa

    I’m Japanese and I just want to say thank you so much for sharing Japanese food to the world! Personally, real Japanese food is perceived weird and sometimes disgusting, but you described them so well and I’m happy you enjoyed it! Please come visit Japan once the international gates are open again! キャシー(Kassie) テリー(terry) アンジング(anjing) I wrote your names in Japanese!

  • Aesthetics with Mia
    Aesthetics with Mia


  • Faryal bts fan
    Faryal bts fan

    Umm... i don't know what the introduction in Japan or Chinese is

  • Lina Or a Line
    Lina Or a Line

    Not me watching this while eating buttered bread for the 1000th time

  • Inky Grimm Ananas
    Inky Grimm Ananas

    Why is the sound in the beginning from a hat in time lol

  • ^•^

    Me at 11:42 : *MEGA MIND!!* 🗿🔫

  • cloudxi

    Girl where did u get ur outfit?!

  • Aadya S.
    Aadya S.

    Me: DROOLING My brother: EWWW WHAT THE HECK, SIS!!! 10 SECONDS LATER (MY BROTHER)::0 howwwwww...soooo appetizing

  • aura tyson
    aura tyson

    rest in peace twinky.

  • Itz Summer
    Itz Summer

    Me and 1000 fans: wanting to be just like her

  • Reena

    Did she really eat those animals

  • • yukai humona •
    • yukai humona •

    am i the only one who felt a bit concerned that her voice was not that normal in the first part? it made her seem like she wasn't calm or comfy.. idk maybe its just me but it made me worry-

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya



    can anybody tell me what type of dog that is

  • Kandice Morris
    Kandice Morris

    If you don't mind me asking what happend to twinky

  • Brooklyn Domangue
    Brooklyn Domangue


  • Natalie Schroeder
    Natalie Schroeder

    I'm watching this while eating sticky rice 🍚 lol

    • Natalie Schroeder
      Natalie Schroeder

      Like just plain sticky rice

  • Faithy Flamingo
    Faithy Flamingo

    Ok she sounds like an chopped judge is that just me

  • Morgan Imrie
    Morgan Imrie

    Was this hot or cold ?

  • Dt Df
    Dt Df

    $ ?

  • joya3400 joya3400
    joya3400 joya3400

    the intro never gets old 🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • Qwivallin Games
    Qwivallin Games

    I love your reactions to the food.

  • Rasmia Islam
    Rasmia Islam

    Tf is mo-CHA 😃🤚

  • The Millers
    The Millers

    you have such a cute top kassie

  • Damian Starks
    Damian Starks

    ....I’m very very Jealous....Damn...I want some of that action.


    What happed to twinke I she ok🙁😅

  • Free Cupcakes
    Free Cupcakes

    Can we appreciate how she buys all of these expensive stuff just for our entertainment. My respect for her is phenomenal

  • Luna playz
    Luna playz

    im frommmm asiaaaaaaaaaa


    I love her food eating videos

  • Eva Stevanoski
    Eva Stevanoski

    I have to I cant I’m doing it I can’t

  • Anika Guanizo
    Anika Guanizo

    terry’s mouth do be watering

  • Delphine N Lopez
    Delphine N Lopez

    I am watching a mukbang

  • Phoenix  Furball
    Phoenix Furball

    Did you know that have to trash in the ocean is commercial fishing gear and that is why I and you should not eat fish

  • Lori Berard
    Lori Berard

    My uncle owns waggue

  • Morgan Hornback
    Morgan Hornback

    Not Kassie becoming a food critic

  • Phantom_ 6470
    Phantom_ 6470

    That explosion near the end terrified so yea

  • • Kiribaku •
    • Kiribaku •

    *I need that shirt-*

  • Bella Gonzalez
    Bella Gonzalez

    I remember you used to do stuff like this with twinkle

  • Carmen cameron
    Carmen cameron

    When your in bed watching her and you wish you could get a snack even tho you your trying to go to sleep

  • zeldakid

    are we going to talk about her saying agar agar as "agar gar

  • felicia Gough
    felicia Gough

    Love your nails Kassie !,

  • Luna

    Alternate name: Kassien eating exotic beautiful food for 15 and a half minutes

  • Meg hi (Megan)
    Meg hi (Megan)

    did she write 22 dollars (american)

  • sunshine girl
    sunshine girl

    Kartha: aww i feel so bad for my self Me: I FEEL SOO BAD FOR EVERYONE WACHING

  • Lily Sherrman
    Lily Sherrman

    What the frick is kartha gewert

    • Lily Sherrman
      Lily Sherrman

      Oh thanks

    • Vanilla Snake
      Vanilla Snake

      It’s like Martha Stewart but Kassie made Kartha Gewert like a joke whenever she makes things or does stuff like this.

  • Juliana Shephard
    Juliana Shephard

    why do i only watch food videos when im hungry-

  • Bug

    Gloom: *eating 500$+ worth of food* Me: *stuffing my face with doritos wishing i was rich*

  • 「 AᴅᴅɪᴄT 」
    「 AᴅᴅɪᴄT 」

    Anjings signature move: head tilt Twinkies signature move: tongue out kassies/karthas signature move: “happy day i’m gloom!” “hi i’m kartha gewart”

  • The Standing Spider
    The Standing Spider

    Who else thought the Tangerine was an orange-

  • Emily Rodriguez
    Emily Rodriguez

    Broski I want this now lol

  • MD Mozibur Rahman
    MD Mozibur Rahman

    plss another video like this

  • Gisella Stephanie
    Gisella Stephanie

    I love your videos it always insperied me and and make me happy and love you❤🥰

  • Vera Burmeister
    Vera Burmeister

    Thank you! Im so happy you got all my aggressive comments! 😘😘😘😚

  • mochi raptou
    mochi raptou

    Kassie: *Having really fancy drinks and food* *Me with my gatorade and cereal*

  • Lg's Stories
    Lg's Stories

    Tempura kinda sounds familiar thoo

  • Luna King
    Luna King

    Can we just appreciate how 90% of the comments start with can we just?

  • Annalyn Bonoan
    Annalyn Bonoan

    noooo squidward whyyyyyy

  • • L e m o•
    • L e m o•

    No need- Kartha already makes expert food art 😩🍱

  • Snow Lin
    Snow Lin

    How many dogs does she have?

  • Beatriz A. Castillon
    Beatriz A. Castillon

    ok but where did she get that outfit?

  • Auro

    Where can you get bento boxes like she got? I kinda want to try one...

  • [Pix Gacha!]
    [Pix Gacha!]

    Where did you get this from? I would really really like to try it!

  • Koda Smith
    Koda Smith

    I so want to try Mochi

  • KFC】』 『【Mafia。
    KFC】』 『【Mafia。

    Me watching while eating my least Dinner :👁👄👁

  • Starfish Gacha
    Starfish Gacha

    Can U pin this for no reason

  • Sai Vara prasad
    Sai Vara prasad

    I thought you were trying to make a bento,not trying one lol

    • Queen Bee
      Queen Bee


  • Ilin Hayday
    Ilin Hayday

    Man gloom you really made my mouth water.I wish I could just take a melon from the screen

  • Joseph Terese C. Calderon
    Joseph Terese C. Calderon

    What happen your first dog

  • Laila Demchak
    Laila Demchak

    If soy sauce is sweet and nutty lemons are sweet and corny

  • verx

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate her ADORABLE mushroom shirt 🍄

  • Leah Playz
    Leah Playz

    Konichiwa 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  • O Sutton
    O Sutton

    i was already hungry but now im starving

  • Simileoluwa Ogunbadejo
    Simileoluwa Ogunbadejo

    Me thinking she would actually try to re make the meal.

  • Nutellakittycat 98
    Nutellakittycat 98

    Kassie: Ew why is the leaf salty Me being half Japanese: it's supposed to be salty it's the taste it works goes with the sweet. Also me: I eat this every day when I go to Japan( I go every Year)

  • Isabella Smith
    Isabella Smith

    How many dogs does kartha have?

  • rebekah brand
    rebekah brand

    It looked like a baby tomato in terry bowl