TikTok Cereal is gross so I candied it
Cereal is supposed to be crunchy so we’re making natures cereal into tanghulu aka candied glass fruit with vanilla almond milk instead of coconut water cuz let’s be honest, ew. Almost didn’t upload this that’s why I still have the rangoli art.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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  • luna Russell
    luna Russell

    I hate coconut water

  • The real  KPTV
    The real KPTV

    That’s the name that I’m thinking of Liam

  • The real  KPTV
    The real KPTV

    I thought of a name for your dog liam

  • Ramanadhan B
    Ramanadhan B

    Did you married hhhhh tell me 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • roblox gaoleshi
    roblox gaoleshi

    It’s sooo funny I’m legit dying

  • Hannah Gellock
    Hannah Gellock

    wait what happend to your chawwawa i think it was? anyway gloom what happend to him? did he die?!

  • Lylah Curry
    Lylah Curry

    That dog really said “no cooking for you too”

  • crazysand89


  • David Hatch
    David Hatch

    Why was this video is so short

  • Izzy Bizzy
    Izzy Bizzy

    I hope that Kassie knows that this Kartha girl I STILL breaking in to her house

  • Paris Ramos
    Paris Ramos

    Kaisse: No cooking for youuuu Colombo: fine then no cooking for you either

  • xx Diamond_Alpha xx
    xx Diamond_Alpha xx

    [Kartha Gewart takes first bite] ( Epic music and editing starts playing)

  • Rosie_1_0_1_

    Watch this 10 times

  • Lily Benally
    Lily Benally

    Kartha: no cooking for you. Dog: fine none for you either.

  • Harper Mohr
    Harper Mohr

    Kassie: I personally think coconut water taste like armpits. Me: WaIt YoU hAvE tAsTeD aN aRmPiT??!

  • Elizabeth Stamps
    Elizabeth Stamps

    Kassie needs to find out karthas breaking into her house still!

  • BigDoggo (Tori’s Cool Experiments)
    BigDoggo (Tori’s Cool Experiments)

    The point of “nature’s cereal” is that it’s healthy why would you ruin it by coating the fruit in sugar. (No hate I love Kassie)😂😂😂

  • softcqfee

    I watch u when I am sad cause u make me happy

  • MK Vlogs
    MK Vlogs

    Can you Please do more food videos

  • Dakota Showers
    Dakota Showers

    I make glass candy fruit too :0 The only downside is that it sticks to your teeth ee

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    Rip for all the people with braces

  • Ava Smith
    Ava Smith


  • Galaxy Gachas
    Galaxy Gachas


  • the cute wolf yo
    the cute wolf yo

    How do u know what a armpit tastes like.

  • the cute wolf yo
    the cute wolf yo

    How do u know what a armpit tastes like.

  • Elsa Ryu
    Elsa Ryu

    Plot twist: Kartha IS ACTUALLY Kassie from a different world

  • LolaThe Aussie
    LolaThe Aussie

    Do another bento box video

  • Misaki-ちゃん

    If kassie become a mom she would be the best mom to her kid I can imagine it

  • Josephine Riemer
    Josephine Riemer

    Im so sad cuz I can't eat that orange blob fruit cuz I'm allergic to it :(

  • Rebecca Cusack
    Rebecca Cusack

    Kassie: *trying to explain the cereal contents* Anjing: 😯WHATCHA GOT HUH???? can i have some🥺???

  • Aaliyah Armstrong
    Aaliyah Armstrong

    Kassie: Normally I would just put maple syrup on this Me: That's the most "Canadian" thing I've heard this week.

  • Bakugou Dum
    Bakugou Dum

    When you said 2012 that was when I was born lol

  • Carina Bella
    Carina Bella

    I love how she gives the same dog a different name 😂

  • Olivia Chan's chanel
    Olivia Chan's chanel

    it is called bing radio hulo

  • Alivia Jacobs
    Alivia Jacobs

    Is kassie aware that kartha has been breaking into her house?

  • Løvely _ lonely
    Løvely _ lonely

    Since I want to do you last your dog was only a puppy he’s grown so much

  • Lulu Bearksksksksks
    Lulu Bearksksksksks

    And ofc the ‘opening it with your teeth’ it’s unfortunate that it’s true 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Rai Music
    Rai Music

    Blend the “natures cereal” it’s it’s a smoothie

  • Gacha roblox
    Gacha roblox


  • Madyson Roncone
    Madyson Roncone

    Just the crunch It’s so satisfiying

    • Princess Crooks
      Princess Crooks


    • Madyson Roncone
      Madyson Roncone

      I don’t know how to spell

  • Dream’s Butt
    Dream’s Butt

    Kassie just started a trend 💅

  • Jaireih Matthieu Guerrero
    Jaireih Matthieu Guerrero

    Me looking at the sand art when she tried her version uhm

  • Tyler Shortt
    Tyler Shortt

    i miss her og dog

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo


  • Jenny Sanpedro
    Jenny Sanpedro

    I think thats called tanghulu

  • harmony lebron
    harmony lebron

    You should do grapes

    • Emma Derryberry
      Emma Derryberry


  • Bacteria Vaginosis
    Bacteria Vaginosis

    First I thought it said canceled and then candeled and then I realized it wasn't either

  • Lili

    Kartha:*drops suger* Also her: *makes combonation of noises*

  • Idk what I do in this channel
    Idk what I do in this channel

    Kartha Gewert: BRO i should have cut these into smaller pieces 😞 THEESE PEICES ARE HUGE Me: unpeels manderine puts in have eat whole half at once

  • Plastic Spork
    Plastic Spork

    Martha Stewart would be proud.

  • Tessa Johnson
    Tessa Johnson

    Cassie: "Your supposed to use a skewer but I don't have one" *Two seconds later* Cassie: *uses a skewer*

  • A.l.i.s.s.a

    I’ve been very busy with exams and now that it’s summer I actually have time to watch LTwhite and I haven’t seen Anggin since he was a puppy I probably spelled his name wrong

  • Hana Cromwell
    Hana Cromwell

    Are you a kid show or a grown-up show because I’m Seven years old

  • Nola Hugg
    Nola Hugg

    A banana is technically a berry

  • Love Ángel
    Love Ángel

    Tanghulu the name of that. Some people call it glass fruit or candied fruit.

  • Mira Jannatulferdos
    Mira Jannatulferdos

    I have the same Garman Shepherd❤️


    I was watching while I was in the bathroom👽

  • Sandra Radkvist
    Sandra Radkvist

    Kassie: glass-candy-fruit Me: ya know some people call that ✨tanghulu✨

  • Tatiana Ortiz
    Tatiana Ortiz

    You should get a wig and do the wolf cut on it then put the wig on

  • Mapula Koloane
    Mapula Koloane

    Who saw the sand art she did💀💀💀

  • Hufflepuff Berry Art
    Hufflepuff Berry Art

    News emojis: ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹⚙️🍓🍒🍊🍋🍍🥑🍈🥭🥥🍅🫐🥒

  • Xadie Antoque
    Xadie Antoque

    “The bouje type of almond milk” got me laughing.

  • Rawr!!🦕🦖

    Maybe Kassie should let kartha have her own challenge so ever time kartha wants to make a video she doesn’t have to break into kassies house and hold Kassie hostage until the end of her video.

  • Oscar Calero
    Oscar Calero

    People said your other dog was dead. Is it true

  • :.xx.Skyler.xx.:

    🥣 🍓🫐🍒🍍🍑

  • Pathfinder Princess
    Pathfinder Princess

    I love ur vids I’m subscribing

  • JustJade_

    In the Philippines our coconut water are sweet

  • Juju Tyrrell
    Juju Tyrrell

    wheres the chiwawa

    • Meghan Randall
      Meghan Randall


  • Ciara Ryan
    Ciara Ryan

    But seriously does anyone else wonder how many dog she has 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Kayla Banana
    Kayla Banana

    탕후루ㅜㅜㅜ!!! 🤤

  • Sharon Starks
    Sharon Starks

    Snoot? I’m sorry now all I can think about if Wilbur soot..

  • Conor Cox
    Conor Cox

    Title *tik tok cereal is gross so I candied it* Was that intentional *candied it = can’t eat it

  • Prysilla Adkins
    Prysilla Adkins

    Just thinking that she used to to kartha gewart used to to it with her old dog I forgot his name makes my 😢


    question of the day: how does she know what an armpit taste like

  • Jodie M
    Jodie M


  • Demi Knight
    Demi Knight

    My mom said that if I got 20k LIKES on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! Begging you GUYS!! Please...I LOVE YOU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS.

  • Bunny

    Ur dog is sooooo cute and it’s a Beautiful breed of dog

  • Cleo plays
    Cleo plays

    My sister has that exact brand of almond milk but she drank it all and I do not have any of it

  • Tam Alder
    Tam Alder

    Tell me I am not the only one who has been waiting for Kartha to break in again

  • Nina Aiello
    Nina Aiello

    Awww your dog is so cuteeeeeeeeee

  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover

    Me searching up is tuguloo healthy google: is 20000000000000000 colaories

  • Silvana Russo
    Silvana Russo

    So delicious

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    Samarah Senadrin

    To the person reading this bless you❤️👌🏻👈🏻

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    Gowri Nageswaran

    Who loves Kartha Gewurt 👇

  • Jordan Samuel
    Jordan Samuel

    Uhhh so I went on a LTwhite break and recently came back and WHERE IS TWINKY 😭

    • Kyrie :P
      Kyrie :P

      I’m sorry to tell you that he passed away. 😔

  • JiminHasJams

    Tbh the coconut water would ruin it for me

  • Psycho Skull Supplements
    Psycho Skull Supplements

    Gloom I love you so much but I love your videos also

  • Ralph Power
    Ralph Power

    1:49 fine, none 4 u either Hahaha laughed so hard

  • Ralph Power
    Ralph Power

    4:40 it was at this new she made a mistake by putting to much sugar on it

  • ÅrøVxxé

    Uhm- excuse me are those orange grapes-

  • Itzabby_ Lazy potato
    Itzabby_ Lazy potato

    I mean she’s not wrong coconut water is gross

  • Mami tochhawng
    Mami tochhawng


  • KR Cool
    KR Cool

    When are y’all getting MARRIED?! I see ur engaged but where is the wedding ?-?

  • Raven Eclipse
    Raven Eclipse

    coconut water *does* taste horrible, and i'm glad you said it.

  • Libby Gilbert
    Libby Gilbert

    How does she know what a arm pit tastes like😳

  • Andy Jones
    Andy Jones

    I ate one of those before but it was a strawberry and orange

  • Elodie French
    Elodie French

    My family only get SILK brand

  • Silvermoon Fortune
    Silvermoon Fortune

    I'm asian and I love tanghulu

  • Amy M Keirsey
    Amy M Keirsey

    Sorry if I spelled your name wrong 😑

  • Amy M Keirsey
    Amy M Keirsey

    Hi Kasey

A Year Later ...
A Year Later ...