I’m done scrolling for the night.. I scared
Creepy Tik Toks that ruined my happy scrolling.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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  • Itz Daisy Carrick
    Itz Daisy Carrick

    The last one is what scared me

  • Alex Jaksich
    Alex Jaksich

    I used to sit in my bed, stare at a blank white wall and talk (we had no stuffed animals in our room) and my mom, dad, brother,or sister would walk in then ask “what are you doing?” Then I would reply “talking to the girl in the wall” then is it was my siblings they would run to my mom (keep in mind we were like 4,5, and 7) then my mom would walk in and say “who is the girl in the wall?” Then I would say “the girl right there. With the long blond hair, flower dress, and no shoes.” Then this continued till I was 7. (3 years) then I never saw her again. But then when we moved out, my parents told us in these words “so in your old room their was a little girl murdered and I’m not sure if you remember but the little girl you saw described her that’s why we always looked frightened.” We never went back.

  • AdriaN

    9:51 (thr question) Me: Hmmm about 5-6 hours

  • Beani boo peeps
    Beani boo peeps

    When my mom was pregnant she

  • DA NOOB farooq
    DA NOOB farooq

    i always look under my bed even when i hear the smallest noise

  • Francis Francis
    Francis Francis

    The ossified command latterly perform because bird pathologically compare qua a hard cushion. barbarous, billowy emery

  • Alex Todoroki
    Alex Todoroki

    My 2 year on niece went into our kitchen and started saying hi and pointing to the wall i have been telling my parents our house is haunted sense i was 5 so like- that proves my point ;-;

  • Allanagh Guerin
    Allanagh Guerin

    "I'm done scrolling for the night...."I" scared" 💀

  • Sherry Burge
    Sherry Burge

    One time when I was 6 I was in the shower and seen a snake at my feet it scared me to death I stopped breathing

  • Whitney

    I couldn't watch this one either 10:20

  • Levi Ramos
    Levi Ramos

    Tha kid in the closet: you got treats? The girl:the fuaq

  • XxGacha CupidxX
    XxGacha CupidxX

    U cant read and write at 4?-

  • Christhal Jane Mendones
    Christhal Jane Mendones

    Me: watched Anaconda:search for the blood orchid on Netflix Me:I know what u mean

  • Katy Richardson
    Katy Richardson

    I’m always safe with Kassy :>

  • Luni๏̯͡๏


  • Starry milk
    Starry milk

    Who’s wondering if Cassie watched Death bell And Alice in borderland

  • Zoe Pakistan
    Zoe Pakistan

    Thanks I guess I'm the reason that the darkest scary :-||

  • Sham Alhasan
    Sham Alhasan

    I don't think i 2ill dare watch the last vid ever again

  • Riley Cioffi
    Riley Cioffi

    my 3 year old sister was telling my squrill to die

  • Hey I sing Do you?
    Hey I sing Do you?

    I’m not afraid of the dark gloom, the dark is scared of me.😃

  • Kavik Yakone’
    Kavik Yakone’

    The last one frickin scared me boi!

  • Emma Gacha
    Emma Gacha

    My aunt when she was a kid after her father died she would go in her room for about 3 hours every day and my grandmother came up to her day and saw her talking to a wall and my grandmother asked her who she was talking to and she replied with dad silly

    • Emma Gacha
      Emma Gacha

      And now my aunt has to kids and her youngest is only 2 years and she did the same thing she would go in her room for hours and my aunt went up to the room and asked her daughter why she was playing alone and she said no I’m not playing alone I’m playing with your dad and my aunt’s daughter has never heard my aunts real last name(because she got married) and she said at dinner time I was over at their place and she said did you know Emma that my mama’s real name is ****** ********* I’m creeped the f out

  • grey games
    grey games

    No Billie eilish just kind of scares people in general

  • SiimplyBeachiie

    The last video was *suspenseful*

  • TKTot

    Are u scared of the dark. No ur not. u are scared of what is in the dark.

  • Calvin Damsted
    Calvin Damsted

    Sam pookoo eyes are not real I'm not being a hater but it's just like a Creepy pasta

  • Edita Giniotienė
    Edita Giniotienė

    Kasy its not scary just finish it

  • ♡☆Amelia☆♡

    My parents made me watch: IT the shining the grudge the conjuring IT 2 Run a silent voice and jug face

  • Yasmin Tharwat Wafa
    Yasmin Tharwat Wafa

    Well hello nightmares that I’ll probably have a heart attack from !!

  • Jill Adrian
    Jill Adrian

    When I was 3 or 4 my parents and me when to the cinema in a mall and I was scared by a llama chasing a movie character its not cartoon but it's funny a little

  • Mahita Nagendra
    Mahita Nagendra

    Gloom:Aisa movies are the most scariest things in the world Me: I am indian.and am I scared of aisa movies?NO! Will I ever be?NO! AND thank you for your attention 😊 bye bye

  • KittyTemp09

    My brother always says he's scared of the things in the dark..? He says he hears footsteps and sees shadows lurking..? I think he's just imagining, what do you think... He keeps telling me there's a shadow in my room, but I sleep just fine so-

  • Alexandriaxmycontentsucksbooty

    Me a few days ago went to watch the conjuring three the devil made me do it : not sus at all

  • Sherrie Anne Lim
    Sherrie Anne Lim

    me having my eyes in the middle: sO i wonT have a tragIc destAny?

  • Alexis buchana
    Alexis buchana

    Its on Tudi

  • Alexis buchana
    Alexis buchana

    I Watched are you a fared of the dark 3 days ago

  • cat barry
    cat barry

    I watched Annabelle 3 years ago and I was 9

  • Pixi Rudy
    Pixi Rudy

    green red blue yelow pink

  • Peach-Søda UwU
    Peach-Søda UwU

    *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* *0Oooooooooooma eyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

  • NatTheRat

    It’s really true, Asian and Mexican movies are 10x scarier then most normal scary movies. It’s because most Asian people believe in ghosts. Mexico, same thing. That’s also because most Asians and Mexicans experience ghosts in real life. So Mexican and Asian movies are based off those experiences.

  • •ZexoyuneWolfy•

    When I was three I told my mom “I remember when I was inside this woman’s belly, I saw a man cut her open and he pulled me out. But I didn’t want to be with this mom so I chose you!” ...

  • GamezWith Z
    GamezWith Z

    I love the TV show "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" tho... ngl.

  • Flxwer Kitten
    Flxwer Kitten

    Gloom: I hope you guys arent to scared Me: *SLEEP PARALYSIS!!!!* 🚨 *SOUND THE ALARMS*

  • Cruz Martinez
    Cruz Martinez

    Watched 45 seconds of this video and lost all faith in people..

  • Lucy Anderson
    Lucy Anderson

    That Siren is from the movie perg where all crime is legal for 24 hours and there no cops or fire fights or ambulance it’s scary

  • Hï

    7:23 “ That is freaking me out” *changes subjects*

  • Megan Nguyen
    Megan Nguyen

    it’s 10:AM here..

  • vantaecity ficsシ
    vantaecity ficsシ

    1:26 I saw Taehyung and Lisa😋🤪

  • Totally Pasta
    Totally Pasta

    Me being lucky that I just sleep on a mattress so there’s no “under the bed”

  • Jaquel WONG
    Jaquel WONG

    “The best joke is the one that harms them” -Gloom 2021

  • ∙𝙺𝚎𝚗𝚓𝚒_𝙴𝚕𝚏∙

    6:51 Me realizing how many things i didn’t do when i needed to do them-

  • Quran Abdulaleem
    Quran Abdulaleem

    B B. B BB b. Vibe. By. B B.

  • ~The Anime Bride~
    ~The Anime Bride~

    I guess I'm cursed

  • erosinnit


  • aubey aubster
    aubey aubster

    at 12:00 pm everyday sirens go off so if its doomsday and they have to set it off at 12 no one would know and they would go about their day

  • Twisted_Colors

    What the f**** tiktok is just so dark

  • wizard of nature
    wizard of nature

    when I little was something whispered in my ear and i thought it was Grinch but now that i think about it the Grinch isn't real so what else was it then........ I also asked my grandma and grandpa but my grandpa was sleep and grandma was using the bathroom. so now I'm just stuck with wonders...

  • Salome Ramirez
    Salome Ramirez

    kas,kas i tried SO HARD to watch the natalie video of the hand but i couldn't i'm scared

  • It's Daphne
    It's Daphne

    PLEASE do more of these. You are so hilarious that I managed to watch (almost) all of them without being super afraid like I usually am. (The only one that freaked me out was that last one because I have bad experiences with bathrooms and showers and ghosts. LOL)

  • It's Daphne
    It's Daphne

    Okay for the person that grabbed the child's feet.. I could never... On either side. I couldn't be the kid OR the other person. I used to hide under my bed all the time when me and my siblings played hide and seek, but now I can't even step near the edge of the bed without feelings like someone or something is going to grab my feet. I have to sleep in a bunk bed and my sister usually goes to bed 30min+ before I do and I always have to climb up with the lights off. I will literally close the door behind me and sprint towards the bed and then LEAP onto like the 3rd bar on the ladder just so my sister doesn't grab my ankles... Or so something *else* doesn't grab my ankles.

  • Itz_Hennesys Lopez
    Itz_Hennesys Lopez

    Kassie:”are you scared of the dark?” Me: no...

  • Billy Fredricks
    Billy Fredricks

    Girl you said they are to young to watch annebell.Iwas 6 when I watched that

  • Ava King
    Ava King

    There used to be a ghost who would play with me when I was 2-3

  • R i
    R i

    i absolutely LOVED are you afraid of the dark as a little kid!!!

  • Eliza Giles
    Eliza Giles

    gloom: to me this doesn’t sound like the doomsday alarm. it sounds like its from a movie or smn. the video: someone blasted THE PURGE alarm in my neighbourhood

  • t r o u v a i l l x
    t r o u v a i l l x

    9:31 im do sorry I cant do this

  • Jack McCauley
    Jack McCauley

    june 2 was my bday from: riley jacks niece

  • CEO procrastinator
    CEO procrastinator

    9:37 I'm home alone =)

  • Glitter Gaming
    Glitter Gaming

    I scrolled through my father's messages and I found out that he is doing things to a girl- So now I'm done scrolling

  • its fricken kirby
    its fricken kirby

    Some kid i was babysitting (she was two) she randomly pointed at the closet and said "there's a demon there" and she described it with incredible detail. Mom read the bible to her and after that she said "oh. Its left"

  • Piper Burns
    Piper Burns

    I actually jump to the bed just in case 😏

  • Asm_ SnipeZ
    Asm_ SnipeZ

    Is it just me or in a scary video you just go to the comments 😹

  • Peachiiglow

    I so scared right now I'm shaking

  • Koko Noi
    Koko Noi

    Why does the sleep walking girl look so wholesome to me 😭✌️ she makes me happy 😭

  • Lylah Curry
    Lylah Curry

    You have to be 20 to drink 18 to smoke BUT 8 YRS OLD TO SPAWN HEKING SATAN?!?!? 🤬

  • Lefler Life
    Lefler Life

    Are you a fan of the babysitters club?

  • Lefler Life
    Lefler Life

    Please put me on there

  • Lefler Life
    Lefler Life

    I love all you tubers even you gloom

  • Kiyomi Crystal
    Kiyomi Crystal

    7:59 literally me for like 3 years of my life...I’m surprised my parents never tried exorcism on me...

  • Megan Barham
    Megan Barham

    The gruge 2 scare 💩 out of me

  • Mia Freecss
    Mia Freecss

    My sister was seeing bunny last night I’m scared of her😭😭😭

  • Dyana Azzolino
    Dyana Azzolino

    How in horror movies they “say hello is any one there” as if the killer would say “yeah I’m in the kitchen u wanna sandwich”

  • Daniela Luna - Aguilar
    Daniela Luna - Aguilar

    I watched sabrina,Anabelle,chucky, conjuring,scream, at a young age and now I'm tramitized at 12 years old 😀😃

  • Jill Dlugopolski
    Jill Dlugopolski

    What if Lauranzside watched this...

  • Molly Walsh
    Molly Walsh

    Wait can we just talk abou how all the people with the Eyes all died at numbers ending with 6.....

  • Hung Phan
    Hung Phan

    Me asian my dad put that on TV I still watch it today... and I got used to it when I was7

  • J e l l y B e a n
    J e l l y B e a n

    The one at 7:00 is me and other kids who are still in the closet just to let ya know!

  • Whitney

    We need a talk about this 😂😂 I'm ded

  • cathy kirsch
    cathy kirsch

    I've seen the last one in multiple dreams...😐

  • Valeria Roblox
    Valeria Roblox

    5:05 why did that jump scare me-

  • Strawberry cake
    Strawberry cake

    0:02 that face says a lot of Things...

  • John And Whitney Show
    John And Whitney Show

    Gloom: Are you scared of the dark??????? Me: No, I’m scared of what’s in the dark.

  • Chin Chin
    Chin Chin

    4:48 cracked me up idk y

  • Indica Baez
    Indica Baez

    Scp 049: alright the purge has started let's hear out *snatches Abby and the cursed mask*

  • Safya Khan
    Safya Khan

    True story: So when I was pretty young like under 6 years old I saw a black cat in my kitchen while eating out of the corner of my eye, it was walking across the floor so I told my parents but they didn't believe me, fast forward and I'm around 10, it's only me and my dad in that house now and I still see the cat out of the corner of my eye, I just thought my mind was playing tricks on me until my Aunt brought it up that she would see the same thing when she and my mum used to live in that house when they were kids, when they were even younger they had a black cat that loved to eat and chill in the kitchen, I stopped seeing the cat recently but that sure was an experience! Bonus story: So now that my mum moved to her place we would both see another cat out of the corner of our eyes, this time it was orange, we would think it was our cat but we would turn and our cat wouldn't be there and would be in another room, we also feel cat kneading when we're in bed, the feeling of pressure when someone jumps onto your bed but our cat isn't there, something playing with our hair, etc, but it's not our cat and we both still see and feel the cat till this day, we consider it part of our family actually lol

  • Shammas Shahabas
    Shammas Shahabas


  • Yummeh Core
    Yummeh Core

    me going to the movie theaters to watch the conjuring the devil made me do it: :\

  • GreatGamerBRITTAIN

    Gloom: saying asian horror movies are very scary Me: oh *looking them up* Also me: not going to sleep

  • -hey ya-
    -hey ya-

    (Something grabbing my foot) Me:… My cat: woohoo

  • XxFrogee

    0:26 Oop imma die