Sometimes life just works out
These people didn’t win the money lottery but they won the uh... there’s an egg in my egg lottery and that feels pretty good and fun for the whole family.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • deedee lifestyles
    deedee lifestyles

    The Raccoon was so freaking sweet 🥺

  • Natsu

    Random girl: “ uwAhhHh iAm NeVeR eArLy To My FaVoRaTe YoUtUbErS vIdEo” Me: you sure about that?

  • Ziya Munsoor
    Ziya Munsoor

    0:15 i have the same bird but in green

  • Princess Victoria Oropherion of the Mirkwood Elves
    Princess Victoria Oropherion of the Mirkwood Elves

    that water whole is called a cenote not to be rude love ur vids gloom!!

  • Travis Nash
    Travis Nash

    I looked it up people do have baby’s in baby’s From Harley to gloom

  • Why would you feel the need to do that
    Why would you feel the need to do that

    10:21 *Kakyoin intensifies*

  • Rachel Gill
    Rachel Gill

    Weird how you've never seen Terry and Jesus in the same room

  • Rachel Gill
    Rachel Gill

    Terry looks like Jesus

  • The Royal Queen
    The Royal Queen

    I have a wolfdog and she is all white with blues eyes

  • VougoEvee

    This is the most I’ve ever heard terry talk in a video 🥲

  • Amber Grimes
    Amber Grimes

    A wolf dog is a wolf that is a pet that is considered a dog

    • Amber Grimes
      Amber Grimes

      And they are not as sweet as they look but you might be lucky if you got one

  • Jay-ar Magan
    Jay-ar Magan

    Cant you play a minecraft games plis

  • Nassi Love
    Nassi Love

    I’m a week late but the egg thing is obviously rare, but it happens because the already developed egg, gets pushed back up to where the new eggs get developed, basically.

  • Jaeviene Janaia Las
    Jaeviene Janaia Las


  • Cici Gee
    Cici Gee

    I mean… it's totally possible to have a baby inside a baby. Just look up people whose twin was absorbed inside them.

  • Claire Silvers
    Claire Silvers

    IDK about other places but IK that in a lot of the states wolf-dogs are illegal and if found will be killed at the sight

  • Elizabeth star
    Elizabeth star

    Gloom is so funny 😂

  • Megan Mayer
    Megan Mayer

    tHeRe'S a wHoLe EgG

  • II• ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ᴘʟᴇʙ •II
    II• ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ᴘʟᴇʙ •II

    I've had a big egg like that before in South Wales and my bestie Abby gave it to me

  • Phia Moreno
    Phia Moreno

    Kassie you need kids like to make them lunches and I think you’ll be the best mom ever I just love your personality it’s amazing!

  • Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore

    If you’re thinking of getting a wolf dog they can be very dangerous

  • •StrawberryMilkoo•

    I want a wolf dog-

  • Joel Rodríguez
    Joel Rodríguez

    The baby inside a baby actually happened 😬😬😧

    • Joel Rodríguez
      Joel Rodríguez

      this actually happens, one of the twins developes inside the other, but when they come out of her mother, the baby inside the other dies, but the dead body stays inside his brother, so it has to be operated, if it is not, the one alive can die too. This happened to one kid, he was called "the pregnant boy".

  • Maria Davalos
    Maria Davalos

    Anyone mention her earings? Theyre so pretty!

  • Maya :]
    Maya :]

    Wolf dog...

  • RAzzle Playz
    RAzzle Playz

    Terry should be in a Fuji water commercial

  • Julia Campbell
    Julia Campbell

    10:51 boy be lookin like andy from toy story

  • Florian Calin
    Florian Calin

    Gloom:i am not one of those guys Me:Ur not a guy...i dont think so...

  • _SunnyCake_

    When your neighbor has the perfect dog and you don’t

  • Michaela Hutkin
    Michaela Hutkin

    Kassie hens only have chicks in their eggs if there if a rooster

  • Anne_Afton UwU
    Anne_Afton UwU

    Could you eat a unfertile egg from mammals?

  • Anne_Afton UwU
    Anne_Afton UwU

    Cassie: you wouldn't do that to a human! Me: yes. Yes i would.

  • Fleetrix Gaming
    Fleetrix Gaming


  • Tayla Fitzy
    Tayla Fitzy

    all I can look at is Kassie's earrings😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • sam the wolf
    sam the wolf

    Once me and my besties squad desided to skip a class ( which is almost impossible in my school ) And went to an old class room near the schools basement part we were 7 including me and we were there for like 1 hour and we took pictures but we decided to all let our hair look a like so we did it and when we were taking the picture we saw the teacher next to the door in the background 😂😂😂😂

  • Fire Viper
    Fire Viper

    Not to be meen but raccoons are not perfect raccoons just this week have killed 4 chickons and 3 kittens and steeling food

  • Cheese Queen
    Cheese Queen

    While she's saying that dude looked ok with the Eminem look and the clothes he wore everyday, i was wondering where did he get the minecraft windows??

  • HB - 08ST 734598 Sunny View MS
    HB - 08ST 734598 Sunny View MS

    huskys are known as wolves

  • Sajimol Sabu
    Sajimol Sabu

    That means terry needs to improve 🧔

  • Rose

    Something weird is going on with the video. The video is jumping but not the audio.

  • yer a wizard lily
    yer a wizard lily

    'Sometimes life just works out' its been 15 years and it still hasn't worked out for me 😃☝

    • rosa


  • See Soo Shin
    See Soo Shin

    0:16 Keigo Takami material here

  • Little Mx Duckling •3•
    Little Mx Duckling •3•

    Terry looking like Jesus, bro

  • Butterscotch Sketches
    Butterscotch Sketches

    My family 1:47

  • LenaLooZ Gaming🦋🦋
    LenaLooZ Gaming🦋🦋

    I want a monkey!🥺😭

  • Black star
    Black star

    I love how kassie is grateful for everyone and she doesn’t show what she has but likes that other people get what they want :) 😊

  • Lenja Sørensen Hassett
    Lenja Sørensen Hassett


  • Madalynn Burrows
    Madalynn Burrows

    all the youtubers i wach is your chanel assylands chanel sssniperwolfs chanel and yammys chanel and laurenZsides chanel but your and laurens chanel is my favret

  • Laina Trembath
    Laina Trembath

    Once my mom was baking and she needed 2 egg yolks but she only had one egg so she decided to split the recipe. When she cracked the egg it was a twin egg with two yolks!

  • A frog
    A frog

    am i the only one who thought that the makeup palette at 13:24 was a pop-it? Just me? ok

  • Sam Friel
    Sam Friel

    Imfimite egg

  • Amiyah Mcclelland
    Amiyah Mcclelland

    I have a Squirrel that comes to my door

  • Harper

    when you said you were wondering if you were pregnant and a baby there was a baby inside a baby thats possible and its happened before! :)

  • rose the gamer
    rose the gamer

    I have a wolf a real wolf and a wolf dog



  • Kalista Koubsky
    Kalista Koubsky

    That one girl is so skinny it makes me feel uncomfy... I hope she's ok

  • Bathrobe Buddies
    Bathrobe Buddies

    3:01 you know that chicken’s lay 2 types of egg food ones and chick ones (sorry)

  • Soggy Bagel
    Soggy Bagel

    Gloom: I want the body chain Me: I want the body....... 🥲

  • Snowy

    What if you could have a baby in a baby?..... You can, it's called a parasitic twin. =)

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    2:59 fun fact: that HAS happened to someone before.

  • Little_Artist

    but when i go out my shoes always comes off and i just wear it again normaly ;-;

  • Krishna Uprety
    Krishna Uprety

    Are you verified

  • Eggs Benidict
    Eggs Benidict

    Your dog look like a wolf dog 🐕

  • Rebecca Barta
    Rebecca Barta

    Trash bandit

  • Teddy-

    With the tiktok where the girl lost her shoe, I lost a sheet out of my book and my boyfriend picked it up for me and we were in a crowded hallway 😢😁

  • Eat•The•Rich

    Am I the only one who thinks Terry looks like Jesus?

  • Candy Love
    Candy Love

    A next egg

  • Shadow Lps
    Shadow Lps

    I want a raccoon two!!!!!!!!! 😍🥰

  • finley nixon
    finley nixon


  • Mrs.intergalactic

    The thumbnail monkey + BLUE power aid Also me : slowly puts away my blue power aid

  • Betul Dogan
    Betul Dogan

    9:00 terry be taking notes rn 📄

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Katie Czyz
    Katie Czyz

    Cut it

  • Katrina Arruda
    Katrina Arruda

    The other day. You will be in the past. 😁😁gloom

  • Lamiya Pothiwala
    Lamiya Pothiwala

    Girl, I got the deer part of the package lol 7:55

  • Babydoll edits and Tea
    Babydoll edits and Tea


    • Lill Bear
      Lill Bear

      Hehe I ate my sister 🤣

  • Levi(RLG)

    Last time I cracked a small chicken egg and there was 2 eggs that was nearly the same size of the egg 👁️👄👁️

  • Lashanta Is
    Lashanta Is

    I have a wolf dog it’s a husky and she is deadly

  • Marlene Tovar-Uribe
    Marlene Tovar-Uribe

    Gloom:what if you have a baby inside a baby Me:I think that’s how it works if it’s a girl

  • King otter
    King otter

    Big egg

  • Life_of_bts_fan

    Trying to be positive but then you have beef jerky in your teeth

  • Schleichlover312

    You can't just incubate any egg it has to be fertilized XD

  • Hang Ly
    Hang Ly

    dan can do a backfilp off the sinig

  • Olivia Roberts
    Olivia Roberts

    Your life worked out

  • Y/N

    There's an actual case of a baby inside of a baby they were supposed to be twins but something went wrong

  • Raaft Gopran
    Raaft Gopran

    Trust me u don't really want more than 1 kid beacus I'm a 10 years old girl and I am the oldest I have tow sisters and it is horbble😑😑😑

  • Sophia Des Vignes
    Sophia Des Vignes

    i love when she say happy day i'm gloom

  • ᴛʜᴇᴜɢʟʏᴏɴᴇ


    • ᴛʜᴇᴜɢʟʏᴏɴᴇ

      Also like, can we talk about that girl mom like 😊

  • Elzbieta Klosowska
    Elzbieta Klosowska

    Wait I thought she said happy day *on* GLO0M

  • Nasro Harun
    Nasro Harun

    When your mom has 6kids the oldest is a boy the 5 are girls

  • Willow Payton
    Willow Payton

    Not me having a pet deer

  • Lilly Bowman
    Lilly Bowman

    Did she really say elder instead of older

    • Lill Bear
      Lill Bear

      Respect your elders? Respect your orders?

  • Briana Brown
    Briana Brown

    Terry not to be mean but you look like Trevor from GTA

  • Taylor Leblanc
    Taylor Leblanc

    I have always want a wolf dog

  • IzRoseGold

    I’m 2 years terry grows what I have in my whole life

  • dragon princess
    dragon princess

    who ever is reading this know that you are special and never give up

  • AkumaDayo

    8:43 can anyone tell me who exactly these two are, the video quality makes it hard to tell but I assume kpop idols lol

    • Jimin's Right Nipple
      Jimin's Right Nipple

      They're the main leads of My Secret Romance ^^

  • Sophies_Cakes101

    you are so funny

  • Second Jada Rosei Nugget
    Second Jada Rosei Nugget

    4:50 look at the captions Now that u have CARROTS LOL

  • Weird Gacha Girl
    Weird Gacha Girl

    The length of this video is even a perfect 14 minutes. No more, no less.