Trying the most popular candy on the internet
I’ve saved a lot of candy videos and today I’m trying the ones I thought looked the most fun, unique or delicious!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • Madeline Stewart
    Madeline Stewart

    Peppermint Butler

  • Raviña Alday
    Raviña Alday

    I know what that that is letcheplan on philipines the yellow tings that have caramel im from philipines

  • Elaina Valdes
    Elaina Valdes

    Me: you can get gushers at Sals

  • Ailbhe Landy
    Ailbhe Landy

    I made the ice cream cone smores but we put ice cream on top after we cooked it

  • Duggie_The great
    Duggie_The great

    That is what Australia does with our cream camels


    3:49 I think they taste like chilli milli (sorry if i spelled it wrong) If you don’t know it’s a famous Pakistani snack

  • Martha Rangel
    Martha Rangel

    I love you and ur yt channel can u sponser me plsss

  • XxRobloxMøønlìghtFoxyBearGirl

    I want candy now

  • Cold 🥶🥶🥶🥶 Hairston
    Cold 🥶🥶🥶🥶 Hairston

    Nobody wants to watch carthagore

  • Eugene brooks
    Eugene brooks

    Cassie in candy through out the years:These sour ball are not sour Cassie now: Ouuuuuu sour

  • iilove_Ameilaii

    Kassie: “I don’t have a fire. BUT I DO HAVE A FLAME THROWER.” Kassie 2021.

  • CherryPlasma YT
    CherryPlasma YT

    “Im so scared I’m gonna end up like thi-“ “5 GRANDE TACO BELL NACHOS” 😃

  • Loretta Meresmaa
    Loretta Meresmaa

    I haw got the pink mushrooms but I thin they taste the same like murshmello

  • Princess Tulika
    Princess Tulika

    Pls try Harry Potter candy pls

  • Galaxyhusky

    I’m sorry but I had to laugh when she tried the cream caramel.

  • Jordan Larsen
    Jordan Larsen

    Yay you wach the Simpson's😁!!!!!

  • Camila Mendoza Cruz
    Camila Mendoza Cruz

    That creme caramel is basically the off brand of flan from Mexico

    • Camila Mendoza Cruz
      Camila Mendoza Cruz

      Honestly Americans make anything from other content and it tastes horrible

  • Lily Benally
    Lily Benally

    Kartha: I just love sea salt dark chocolate. Me: I’m not alone anymore

  • Journey Ortiz
    Journey Ortiz

    What happened to twinki 🥺🥺🥺

    • Soot

      @Journey Ortiz dead

    • Journey Ortiz
      Journey Ortiz


    • Soot


  • Kenzie Cat
    Kenzie Cat

    Kassie be careful to not have a sugar rush 😂

  • Jocelyn Johnson
    Jocelyn Johnson

    What is this business I want to buy

  • Izabella play’s Roblox
    Izabella play’s Roblox

    I still can’t believe That kartha is breaking in kassie house

  • Katarina Ljuboje
    Katarina Ljuboje

    The thing that I love about kassie is she is never too be afraid of what she tries

  • Elizabeth Romeka
    Elizabeth Romeka

    Ur dog looks just the same as my dog

  • Ilona Gummerus
    Ilona Gummerus

    Bye- I thought those mushroom things were just a normal thing you can get anywhere bc they sell those everywhere I go 🤨😂

  • Zack's Outdoors
    Zack's Outdoors

    What happens to the intro gloom

  • Kenzie Softball
    Kenzie Softball

    Your dog got so big now 🥺🥰

  • Addy DeWig👑
    Addy DeWig👑

    Cassie Martha gewart is in your house get help

    • Addy DeWig👑
      Addy DeWig👑

      Scrape test

  • Violet Marshall
    Violet Marshall

    Cassie looks like Lora Croft😂😂😂😂

  • Sleepyhead

    No- This girl eats 5 tiktacs and has enough? I always get told that I don't eat enough and am skinny but there is no way I could eat 5 tiktacs and not want any more

  • Monty Forever
    Monty Forever

    I love how she just casually says “but I do have a flamethrower” like YOU HAVE A FLAME THROWER like what

  • tinkerbella_xgal

    Gloom talking about how she hates sugar Her two minutes later: I also wanted to try this candy sprinkle gummy donut! No hate I love gloom so much I just thought this was funny

  • Brandon Arellano
    Brandon Arellano

    And he grew like yours

  • Brandon Arellano
    Brandon Arellano

    I have a dog like that

  • h i
    h i

    the fish are blue gummy sharks

  • hope and faith dreams
    hope and faith dreams


  • Syndey Segree
    Syndey Segree

    I love her laugh

  • Vidal Zaldivar
    Vidal Zaldivar

    Those swirly fishes are named after me lol

  • Leanna Jaafar
    Leanna Jaafar

    cassie:i can’t start a fire in the house also cassie: BUT i do have a flamethrower

  • GamerNoir

    If the mushroom sweets are bubble gum flavour

  • Piper's Adventures
    Piper's Adventures

    How does terry just decide to Let kartha break in and he just says ok I'll record her now

  • ToxicUnicorn (Piglet)
    ToxicUnicorn (Piglet)


  • ToxicUnicorn (Piglet)
    ToxicUnicorn (Piglet)

    Your dog looks like my dog tulip her name was but I had to get her way

  • LDHunteressLady

    "yeah my favorite LTwhiter is Kartha" LOL

  • Zoe:)

    i love the dog doesn't even care that there is food, whether when there is food out my dog be like ' sniff sniff'

  • Shahirah Muneeb
    Shahirah Muneeb

    The gummy donut was from vat19

  • Lps sugar rush
    Lps sugar rush

    I’ve had a umm bigger than my freakin ipad

  • Asmr with Marvina
    Asmr with Marvina

    Not me eating ice cream 🍨

  • Samantha Weisberg
    Samantha Weisberg

    You should get hot water and dip the hot cocoa cotton candy in it

  • Phoenix Broadnax
    Phoenix Broadnax

    Those jelly sticks aren't sour I tried them before they're not sour and I'm younger than you

  • HxneyDrops

    You probably arn't going to see this but you NEEEEEEEEEEEEED like absuloutly NEED to try maple syrup cotten candy its the best thig EVER... (also in canadaaaa)

  • Katelynn Callahan
    Katelynn Callahan


  • Ruby and indy 🤪
    Ruby and indy 🤪

    I like how she just has a FLAME THROWER in her house and how she is acting really casual like nothing sus

  • aqua

    i like the lora croft outfit

  • Moon_Wolfy Gacha
    Moon_Wolfy Gacha

    Kassy: I don’t have fire cuz I’m not ALLOWED to MAKE one Also kassy not even a second later:”wipes out a flamethrower Me:mm mmmm I see I see so you can’t start a fire but u can Ok

  • Idndnd Dzgnzdgb
    Idndnd Dzgnzdgb

    kassie’s outfit rly looks like perry the platipus and kim possible combined 😂

  • Sparkling Sparkles
    Sparkling Sparkles

    Me watching her eat her créme caramels and starts making noises and faces Me thinking it was bad but it was to sweet

  • Kelbie Manson
    Kelbie Manson

    Did you know: 1. Aloe vera helps sooth sunburn and heal burned skin 2. It also helps Acne. 3. Aloe vera might help heal rash and it may heal psoriasis plaques and soothe eczema.

  • Benchtriosimp

    Yummers=poggers but different

  • Kyrstin Fackler
    Kyrstin Fackler

    I do those s’mores but we use mini chocolates and marshmallows

  • Elle A.
    Elle A.

    My dog growled right when Anjing walked into the frame 11:38

  • • alysson •
    • alysson •

    “I can’t start a fire because I’ll get in big trouble, HOWEVERRRR I do have a flamethrower” -kassie 2021 ✌🏻❤️

  • Helena van den Berg Seaborne
    Helena van den Berg Seaborne

    Ok, let's take a moment to appreciate Terry's editing

  • Annarelle May
    Annarelle May

    14:43 😂😂

  • Malia McGuire
    Malia McGuire

    I'm mad at Kartha/Kassie, like why are you eating the cotton candy so slowly ReeeEeeEeEeEeEeEeEeeeEEeEeeEeEeE EEeEeEeeE

  • cece

    the way kartha say chile she says chilan

  • Moon•love

    Ok ok why she be lookin like Lara Croft

  • icewolfandthebeast

    Kassie:eeeeeeeeeeeeeee its coming through her nose (me:hahhahhahahahHhahhaaahahhahahahahahahahah and plus kassie your name shouldn't be kassie or kartha gewart your name should be healthy women cause you HATE SUGAR

  • Coyote

    Semi sweet chocolate is the best

  • Chrissy Animates
    Chrissy Animates

    2:06 ✨ ugah ✨

  • XxGacha CupidxX
    XxGacha CupidxX


  • Senem Ekiz
    Senem Ekiz

    Hit or miss

  • g4cella


  • Katie Toth
    Katie Toth

    Can someone make gushers with the juicy gel stuff and the really sour sugar

  • Katie Toth
    Katie Toth

    Kartha: we can’t have a fire here Also kartha: but I do have a flame thrower

  • xCharliee

    Haha your magic mushrooms got confiscated 👹😡😏🐸

  • Allie wolfie
    Allie wolfie

    when Kassie tried the last one the first thing I thought was "FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE AGREES WITH ME!"

  • Bree_ze_Dragon o.o
    Bree_ze_Dragon o.o

    you should try hot chocolate ice cream I know it sounds weird nut if you like the cotton candy you will like the ice cream

  • moo

    none: kassie: ug im gonna get chocolate all over my face 😗 ... GETS THE CUTEST LIL DRIP DOWN HER LIP PLSSS🤨🤨🤨

  • Aishath Fixa
    Aishath Fixa

    Love ur vlogs just saw them today and ive been obsessedddddddd

  • Lin Xiuqin
    Lin Xiuqin

    Do you like lanky blue well you just say you like a lanky blue I mean Linkee blue do you like monkey box lanky box

  • ME

    gloom the caramel in dubai there is a plastic at the bottom and when u pull it it comes out ✨ PERFECT ✨

  • •dream Pog•
    •dream Pog•

    Kassie:it's nearly killed meh Draco:😐😐😐😐😐😐bish

  • Aesthetic Butterflies
    Aesthetic Butterflies

    What happened to your other dog ?

  • Ella Dry
    Ella Dry

    Part 2!

  • Rajawen Angela Manuel
    Rajawen Angela Manuel

    I think the reason why you creme caramel did not work because if you didnt notice the girl doing the hack like pulled something and made a hole the reason why is becuase it released the air (i think thats how science work) so then thats the problem

  • LivieLights_Gacha

    Where’s my Baby Bottle Pop squad? 15:20


    My braces rn: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Lesley and Winter
    Lesley and Winter

    Also the creme caramel is called flan 🍮 “fl aa n”

  • CourtDog24

    The cone Smores I've been doing since 2016

  • Zephyr Avila
    Zephyr Avila

    You look like Lara Croft

  • Malgorzata Piotrowska
    Malgorzata Piotrowska

    I had the mushroom gummies from 6:28 in 2018. They're delicious!!!!!

  • Gacha Mint
    Gacha Mint

    I've never had a gummy borger

  • The W.O.H.
    The W.O.H.

    You should make another channel called kartha gewartb

  • jade

    "it nearly killed me" -gloom 2021

  • Brian Popwell
    Brian Popwell


  • Shania Miel Toling
    Shania Miel Toling


    • Shania Miel Toling
      Shania Miel Toling

  • Jadel Biala
    Jadel Biala

    In philipines whe called the cream caramel: Leche flan( just sharing🤗 )

  • Taulelani Annesley
    Taulelani Annesley

    Did you know jelly is made out of sugar and animal skin jelly is animal skin and sugar

  • Mariyam Abdul Mannan
    Mariyam Abdul Mannan

    love your necklace gloom! Can you send me a link to the website pls? it really would help ✨💙