I should NOT have joined this school club
I’m about to sneak into school after hours and make the worst decision humanly possible. This is PROJECT KAT
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  • Little Kj Cook
    Little Kj Cook

    Is anyone else watching this even tho they played this before watching this cause I did

  • Olwam Gwegwe
    Olwam Gwegwe

    What's the name

  • Olwam Gwegwe
    Olwam Gwegwe

    I want this game

  • Cookie Lotus
    Cookie Lotus

    Anyone else think that girl with the black bow in the thumbnail was Sonia Nevermind from danganronpa

  • EazyMango

    ShE's A rUnNeR sHe'S a TrAcK sTaRrRrR

  • Lauren Connell
    Lauren Connell

    Why did one of the girls in the thumbnail look like nezuko-

    • ʚ lunar eclipse ɞ
      ʚ lunar eclipse ɞ

      dont compare characters to popular characters thanks

  • Alpine Wolfie
    Alpine Wolfie

    I love how ty thinks she’s playing yandere simulator

  • Vianney Quiban
    Vianney Quiban

    Kassie : Making my way downtown walking pass Me: Faces pass and im homebound Like if you know the song

  • psycho

    i love anime girls

  • -BunBunCloudySkies-

    Why does the girl you play as remind me of nezuko

  • Kenma's Non biological mother
    Kenma's Non biological mother

    You better play more of this game-

  • ItsMeh Kayla
    ItsMeh Kayla

    The two girls in the thumbnail remind me of Sonia Nevermind and Nezuko Kamado

  • Carr Family Acc.
    Carr Family Acc.

    I would love to see a part two when it gets an update!

  • harir the night and fire
    harir the night and fire


  • Hailey Nalla
    Hailey Nalla

    0:51 That made my tummy hurt for a second 😭😭😭😭

  • Isabella Smith
    Isabella Smith

    No one: Absolutely no one: Kassie:(running) Me: she’s a runner she’s a track star, she goin run away when it gets hard

  • Rinkatekiarimoto

    I haven't watched gloom in such a long time, but she's still super cheerful I can't wait to finish this video

    • Rinkatekiarimoto

      Nice i really like this video and the game ill check more of the other ending out :^

  • Gaming Cookies432
    Gaming Cookies432

    When ya girl posting too often and you can’t keep up 🥲

  • Delainey Johnson
    Delainey Johnson

    You should do more games like this! I really enjoy them

  • Infinity Glitch
    Infinity Glitch

    A tree in the forest can be much more comfortable than a bench

  • Sofia Abril
    Sofia Abril

    Me seeing the thumbnail: Nezuko-chan is that you? Btw this video was amazing

  • d1rtb4g

    i kinda thought that was sonia for a second but euHHHHHhhHh nevermind *haha. see. see that last pun- yknow- cause sonia-*

  • Sitlali MM
    Sitlali MM

    Please continue it seams interesting!

  • Chiaki...nanami

    "down town walking fast" Me: IMA SEGULL DUDUDUDUDUDUUDUDUDU

  • Cassie Middleton
    Cassie Middleton

    9:19 She a runner, she a track star!

  • Olivia Lewis
    Olivia Lewis

    You should play the rest when they come out

  • hanin _gurl
    hanin _gurl

    uhm- Why does youtube think this is yandere simulator

  • Anime Freaks
    Anime Freaks


  • Journey Rose
    Journey Rose

    I LOVE this one we need a part twoooooo

  • Ana Escriba
    Ana Escriba

    Me: looking at thumbnail Also me: Taiga that you!???

  • pink demon
    pink demon

    we needa see her pick the 2 other runesss

  • Mariana Islas Olivares
    Mariana Islas Olivares

    We can't deny that she said "Making my way downtown, walking fast"

  • (cousins_edits)

    What's the game called i wanna play it

    • (cousins_edits)

      Ok thanks

    • ʚ lunar eclipse ɞ
      ʚ lunar eclipse ɞ

      its called project kat and its only for computer lol

  • Mila


  • My Collections Of Games!!!
    My Collections Of Games!!!

    BROO, I literally watched Inquisitormaster play this game 1st then I watch Gloom play this..... 👁👄👁

  • ꧁𝚊𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚊꧂

    So she’s playing as nezuko if she was little- I LOVE NEZUKO

  • Mitten

    You have to play undertale!!!!!

  • Ren

    does anyone know what this game is called?

  • Ryan Ovie
    Ryan Ovie

    Hey Gloom this isn't my account it's my brother's may you please play Ibis paint x I know it's not a game (but I wanna see your art 😈) Love your vids keep rocking it

  • -moonbright-

    kassie: 'we're making our way downtown, walking fast' me: *proceeds to sing the entirety of a thousand miles*

  • Mochi

    What is the game called?

  • Jordan Loveday
    Jordan Loveday

    Am I the only one with deja vu? Like, the feeing that I remember Gloom playing this game before? I know I’ve definitely seen it, but this was months ago. Had to double check to make sure it really said uploaded 2 days ago.

  • Glossy Crab Abby
    Glossy Crab Abby

    I finally understand ouija boards

  • Let’s Test
    Let’s Test

    Is anyone not gonna talk about their names?!?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 someone was pretty girl one was ponytail girl and one was shy girl idk the rest but ya 😂😂😂😂

  • Ashley Nunnally
    Ashley Nunnally


  • CookiePlayz

    In the beginning she said making her way downtown walking fast I she was singing thousand miles 😂😂😂

  • •Flightless•Lawn•Clippings•

    Wasn't the title "me and the girls messed up bad" ? Am I the only one who remembers this.

  • Cake Buns
    Cake Buns

    Continue it please continue it I miss you playing games like this

  • Logan TV
    Logan TV

    I am sure that the video replayed after she said I hope you enjoyed this video. Did anyone notice?

  • princess böba
    princess böba

    What is the name of this game????

  • Pillow Young
    Pillow Young

    More, more!!

  • Dan Seidman
    Dan Seidman

    1:31 boiiiiiii my truth is that i hate you *dab*

  • C

    Game: Project Kat LTwhite: Yandere Simulator

  • ariana.

    the fact she said 29 after 79-

  • Katarina Mar
    Katarina Mar

    MY NAME IS KAT !!!! (short for Katarina)

  • Olyvia Mata
    Olyvia Mata

    lol when in doubt pick C NOT B

  • Olyvia Mata
    Olyvia Mata

    i am only at 29 seconds and this game looks beautiful!

  • Beyzilayzi

    who else wants gloom to play Danganronpa? (If she wants too)

  • Yui the Dinosaur child
    Yui the Dinosaur child

    My favorite part of middle school is my art teacher She has Tik tok you can find her on cartonvibestiktok or something she’s amazing


    whats the game

  • bubbli boba
    bubbli boba

    guys what game is this?

  • The EVIL E'
    The EVIL E'

    What is that music you're playing? Does anyone know what music she uses for her background music? If so, plz tell me.

  • CloudyLeah_YT


  • Dhanya_

    pov: u thought it was a pt 2 cause she changed he name

  • Pottah_Vibes

    Hello Kassie! I wanted to let you know that you are my idol. I’ve watched you channel ever since I was seven, and I still do! I hope you Terry and Anjing are doing well. My mom is Chinese so I look Chinese, and I thought we had that in common. I want to be like you someday, because you’re so cool and funny! Have a great week. - An 11 year old that wants to be like you someday ❤️

  • Gacha police helper
    Gacha police helper

    kat you mean funneh👀

  • gacha_.Peach._ peaches (Peaches3041)
    gacha_.Peach._ peaches (Peaches3041)

    I love it I want you to do more!

  • Truepeekabo0

    Its so caotic and crazy and creepy i just love it :D

  • Hifaltt

    Kassie: Was that a dream??? Me: Oh no no no sweetie,its called a NIGHTMARE!

  • Saffron Watts
    Saffron Watts

    "asmARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" That scared the living daylights outta me.

  • Rebecca Hodges
    Rebecca Hodges


  • Ariana Arjoon
    Ariana Arjoon

    The girl with black hair in the thumbnail looks like tajiro's demon sister (I forgot her name)

  • Grace Lemons
    Grace Lemons

    I thought about DDLC when I saw the title lol-

  • Miriam Ihekwaba
    Miriam Ihekwaba

    me taking a break from gloom me realizing how amazing she is me crying because I wasted so much time ;-;

  • Gurrludumrat Whenthecargoesbum
    Gurrludumrat Whenthecargoesbum

    Gasses I lava it

  • Oliyo


  • Raymund Appi
    Raymund Appi

    Qhy does it look like that girl in demon slayer OvO.....?

  • e x o t i c_c h a r m ʕʔ
    e x o t i c_c h a r m ʕʔ

    Anyone think that Kat kinda looks like nezuko from demon slayer?????

  • Ειρήνη Μισαήλίδη
    Ειρήνη Μισαήλίδη

    It was a little bit creppy

  • Queencess Amolo
    Queencess Amolo

    Gloom just changing the thumbnail 👀👌

  • Banana Lulu
    Banana Lulu

    Why does the girl in the game look like nezuko from demon slayer? 😅

  • Shadow wolf
    Shadow wolf

    I literally played it yesterday 🤣

  • That Random Person
    That Random Person

    LTwhite thinks you were playing Yandere Simulator

  • Mcqiqi

    oop- i thought it was Doki Doki literature club oh well

  • •Gacha_Enzy•

    Sheeeshsshshshshsh o.o”

  • Angel Siu
    Angel Siu

    this seems like a pretty philosophical game

  • kai !
    kai !

    "i will not lose hope!" every danganronpa protagonist ever

  • tasneem abu snoubar
    tasneem abu snoubar

    what's the name of this game , I want to play it

  • Nausheen Ibrahim
    Nausheen Ibrahim

    Who else thinks they're are more endings

  • Julie Strøm
    Julie Strøm

    I love the little Creppy games it's just the Best.

  • Hunter

    This reminds me of Corpse Party so much and I love it

  • This is Mary, not Marry
    This is Mary, not Marry

    She: *plays Project Kat* LTwhite: *Yandere Simulator*

  • Oliwia Anna
    Oliwia Anna

    Sometimes u sleep in the forest Kasssie 2021

  • dinna BONES
    dinna BONES

    2:32 why she look like Nesuko from another timeline

  • Jade Bridge
    Jade Bridge

    I love these! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💓🖤🤍


    8:39 i thought she was mooon walking

  • Ella and Eddie
    Ella and Eddie

    She's a runner she's a track star

  • Naomi 𖧷
    Naomi 𖧷

    No one: Litterly no one: My mind: 8:57 𝐬𝐇𝐞'𝐒 𝐚 𝐑𝐮𝐍𝐧𝐞𝐫 🏃🏻‍♀️ 𝐬𝐇𝐞'𝐒 𝐀 𝐓𝐫𝐀𝐜𝐤 🏃🏻‍♀️ 𝐒𝐓𝐚𝐫🏃🏻‍♀️

  • ankur agrawal
    ankur agrawal

    this is a secret video

    • Saanvi Agrawal
      Saanvi Agrawal

      It is in restricted mode😑

  • hi

    Gloom you missed a ending in little miss Fortune there I two that I know of you got the sad ending not the happy ending