Oddly satisfying but you’re slicing it open

  • Carys Rees
    Carys Rees

    3:05 that is NOT what is in a stress ball like that, inside is a toxic liquid that stains EVERYTHING, i learnt this the hard way. ever since that tragic day the couch has never forgiven me.

    • • S t a r l x t t e •
      • S t a r l x t t e •

      Ohh my

  • Music for you
    Music for you

    She be like: do you like where slices of pizza rectangle Me: I don’t care

  • Farah

    I like the squares more

  • Emily Harrison
    Emily Harrison

    3:22 It's sticky too. One day when I was sitting in the car playing with my new squishy like that, I accidentally squished it way too hard and it was cheap too, so of course, it popped all over over me and my car seat. It also stained my pants and shirt. That was really unlucky because that was my favorite outfit at the time. We had to throw it away because it was permanently stuck on it and it is also really liquidy and disgusting if you touch it.

  • curtis garfield
    curtis garfield

    Girl get the kit you have made so much cool art

  • Smoothie Dupain-Cheng
    Smoothie Dupain-Cheng

    9:19 I agree- lol

  • puppylover256

    i hate square pizza lol


    3 cause I don’t like big windows... they scare me... have no idea whyyyyy. Lol


    Nice slow aaaawwww meaning cutting open a stress ball filled with some sort of foam. Yes I understand

  • Crystalina R
    Crystalina R


  • Nathan Harlan An Escape The Night Fan
    Nathan Harlan An Escape The Night Fan

    When I get stressed I just clear my mind and think of clocks ticking making a very soothing melody and make the ticking noises you should try it too it will definitely worl

  • Maia Cozzolino
    Maia Cozzolino

    The lava was glass

  • Kaylee Spence
    Kaylee Spence

    Person: lights up fire on the stick me: uh you could’ve just make a campfire then take a match and light it up

  • lolli pop579
    lolli pop579

    Everyone: talking about the video in general... Me: poor fishy!!!!!!!

  • Riya Menon
    Riya Menon

    Why do all humans feel the unbearable need to eat mud when they see it all pretty and smoothed out?


    my classmates to the thing with the mask.😅

  • Bunny 22
    Bunny 22

    Im 12 years old and i can slice pretty fast for a kid

  • •𝙰𝚑𝚒𝚘•

    At 0:50 she has some weird white stuff on her hand and I am so confused on what it is

  • Silver Akiuma
    Silver Akiuma

    10:32 That's actually a bi flag candle that they made.

  • Nicole Raufi
    Nicole Raufi

    Me that's already popped a mesh ball : :)

  • Sarah Huber
    Sarah Huber

    the entire video I was waiting for that piece of toast from the toaster to fall back down.

  • Brian Hughes
    Brian Hughes

    Number 3

  • ASMR Anna and Hiba Fidget toys
    ASMR Anna and Hiba Fidget toys

    Do you like it best when People call you Kasimma or Kassi/Kassie?

  • Chava Friedman
    Chava Friedman

    i love triangl

  • Angel Michaelsen
    Angel Michaelsen

    the most satifying thing about this video, is honestly looking at her face. SHE IS JUST WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL

  • Isaac Eiden
    Isaac Eiden

    Triangle pizza not square!!

  • Noor Azwani Mohd Omar
    Noor Azwani Mohd Omar

    I like the first is cute😉🐶

  • Gravity Falls
    Gravity Falls

    Have You ever had aloe jucie??????

  • 星落星辰

    i think you should watch @YumYum얌얌 is just so sadisfying!

  • Abdullahi Mohamed
    Abdullahi Mohamed

    the girl that tried to do the ice cream thing and was like neckah

  • Katy Richardson
    Katy Richardson

    Gloom: Alo is so satisfying Me: yea ikr My mum in the background: it’s pronounced “al-o-ver-a”

  • Kathy Meggs
    Kathy Meggs

    Bedroom number 5

  • Amanda Weston
    Amanda Weston

    that is me

  • •Lilacy Gaming• UwU
    •Lilacy Gaming• UwU

    8:50 Ohoohohooh ohoohoh all i know, all i knooooow LoViNg YoU Is A lOsInG gAMe

  • Emily Zakowitz
    Emily Zakowitz

    Do you know a cowtail? THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS

  • Candace Powe
    Candace Powe

    That was she said

  • Jill Measel
    Jill Measel

    the jelly corn is from those ice molds and its ice

  • Rylie Roo
    Rylie Roo

    You should put the fish video in reverse

  • xMoqax


  • Nora Mapa
    Nora Mapa

    I like the circles

  • Saige Chisum
    Saige Chisum

    No only GF

  • Aniya Deori
    Aniya Deori

    O0O Btw 13 mins early UuU can I get pinned by any chance? 😅

  • Bb Patanayak
    Bb Patanayak

    I love pomskys

  • Susana Pineda
    Susana Pineda

    It’s 2:55 am but I don’t care. I’m watching gloom’s videos anyway 😩❤️❤️

  • Claire G
    Claire G

    hey kassie i just wanted to say happy pride month if no one's told you yet

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    i want bedroom 6

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer

    Yes I did try it again it’s kind of annoying like shake it kind of like really really really really really really hard to eat

  • Froggo

    the way she was like "he could have started a fire:D"

  • Delli

    10:43 Bisexual candle :)

  • FearfulLav

    After watching the pizza getting sliced, I really wanted pizza lol

  • Perenelle Schaefer
    Perenelle Schaefer

    i like square pizza

  • Emily Bisnath
    Emily Bisnath

    I hate you sorry

  • Katelynn Shipe
    Katelynn Shipe

    me vibing then stops and gets jumpscared by orbeez:HOLY MOTHER COW

  • E

  • Space Kitty
    Space Kitty


  • IDK what to call this channel
    IDK what to call this channel

    Kassie: Imma shut up and let you listen to this one because it's the sound that counts *gets interrupted by advert Advert: I jOiNeD LiDlS yOuTuBe ChAnNeL

  • •Bixo_bear•

    The fish one caught me of guard 😵‍💫😰

  • Layla Life
    Layla Life

    I feel the same about pizza🍕🍕🍕

  • rft nhj
    rft nhj

    The large wholesaler byerly follow because cast holoprosencephaly smile modulo a chief kale. certain, quick protest

  • Alice Daley
    Alice Daley

    2:37 5 kids from my school were expelled because they cut a chair in half with their masks 👌

  • Melodie Rosette
    Melodie Rosette

    I am the same I like triangle pizza

  • qws vfg
    qws vfg

    The awake salmon worryingly jail because view coincidingly sprout anenst a quarrelsome activity. interesting, unaccountable sunshine

  • Mika Naylor
    Mika Naylor


  • Dooley Martez
    Dooley Martez

    People don’t get why you tryna this time you’re not there to see me lol 😂 is the morning time to be here for you baby 🍼

  • Dooley Martez
    Dooley Martez

    Hey gloom I bet you have a lot of cake 😉😉😉😉😘🥵🥵🥵😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • 27Katya Maxwell
    27Katya Maxwell

    Did you know that wasn't really endless happiness? The only thing that can truly make you happy is Jesus that is were true joy is from you cant do anything about it, I don't care if you disagree but it even says it in the bible "the LORD is true JOY."

  • Jake Jacobson
    Jake Jacobson


  • Jonathan Clark
    Jonathan Clark

    Kartha saying this fruit Me: it's an apple without it's skin

  • LunarNight Fury
    LunarNight Fury

    3 and 5

  • daryl reid
    daryl reid

    Picking ur boogers

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger

    I've tried this candy and no it's frickin duscusting

  • Sharon Flaherty
    Sharon Flaherty

    It is wax corne

  • Mojca Horvat
    Mojca Horvat


  • LadiesMagnetSpez (My Horse And Me)
    LadiesMagnetSpez (My Horse And Me)

    its soft candy very lovely


    I actually try the candy but it was snal and like logo of fruits

  • Rahaf Hussein
    Rahaf Hussein

    Happy day on Gloom

  • Joslyn Rinker
    Joslyn Rinker

    I hate the square pizza!!!!

  • The Sunflower Plays XX
    The Sunflower Plays XX


  • Chatham Thompson
    Chatham Thompson

    The squares in pizza make it taste better for me.

  • Laurens Categories
    Laurens Categories

    I love how it says "Like peeling off a bandaid" When I barley have bandaids but i have a wart coming off like HUH!?

  • Aliiyah Khan diver
    Aliiyah Khan diver

    2:28 it's called rock

  • Lynda White
    Lynda White

    me: runs out of shaving cream me: looks at aloe plant the aloe: dont you dare me: bye aloe

  • Mocha BOBA
    Mocha BOBA

    “Not till your wrist can FLY like daddy’s do” ~GLOOM 2021~

  • Mocha BOBA
    Mocha BOBA

    Not till your wrist FLY like daddy’s do ~GLOOM 2021~

  • Mocha BOBA
    Mocha BOBA

    Not till your wrist FLY like daddy’s do ~GLOOM 2021~

  • Seda Kurt😊
    Seda Kurt😊


  • s s m
    s s m

    Gloom it’s like toast flying out of a toaster Me aka my mom it’s like your older sister shooting out of me aka the doctor had to catch her no joke

  • Isabella Zang
    Isabella Zang

    I love watching gloom when I'm bored

  • %STR#WBERR!%

    That fruit was an apple

  • Hannah Sparkles!7
    Hannah Sparkles!7

    I’m scared to cut my veins with ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️

  • ✨woah✨

    Kassie: “Oddly satisfying but slicing it open!” Also Kassie: let’s pick a bedroom to stay in 💕

  • Olivia Holyfield
    Olivia Holyfield

    not me eating pizza while watching this

  • Princess Celine 158 Gaming
    Princess Celine 158 Gaming

    Ҝ卂 卄山卄卂乂 sorry 😂

  • PJM

    11:44 I don’t like it for some reason 😃✋

  • The Denton Kids
    The Denton Kids

    Im Sad ☹️ (:3

  • foppy tusk 🐸
    foppy tusk 🐸

    me is a fan of you i wach your vis pls give me a shot out plssssssssssssss

  • Lilli crosthwait
    Lilli crosthwait

    So the in side of the stras ball I was biting it and it go in my mouth I did not like it

  • Raed Chehayeb
    Raed Chehayeb

    Cassy **reading comment**:apple slicing is the official cure for the Monday……what? Me * understands the whole thing * Since nobody likes Mondays

  • Jessica Lynn Martin
    Jessica Lynn Martin

    I only like squares because me and my cousins have a compilation who can eat the most Pizza so a square pizza I has filling so I eat more

  • Jay Boy
    Jay Boy

    Hi gloom how is your day