Oddly satisfying but it takes talent
This ain’t sticking your foot in the sand or biting a crunchy food next to a mic, this is some high level oddly satisfying relaxing beauty.
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Video Edited by Terry \u0026 Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • Kiran Ka Kitchen
    Kiran Ka Kitchen

    Its pigment not glitter

  • Kiran Ka Kitchen
    Kiran Ka Kitchen

    I have seen most of the tik toks😅😅

  • John Saxton
    John Saxton

    Hi I love you gloom

    • John Saxton
      John Saxton

      You are the best

  • veenu tripathi
    veenu tripathi

    Kassie: "I've always wondered how these were made Kassie 2 seconds later: I've never thought about it uhhhhhhh....................

  • hello!

    ⭐️🌟✨💫this looks pretty💫✨🌟⭐️

  • Fiona Fox
    Fiona Fox

    Hey Siri how do you subscribe twice?

  • Melinda Liu
    Melinda Liu

    For some reason when she said RUN, I actually got up and ran🙃 WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unikitty80ss

    They first one is a gym wheel

  • BH.org. Hehehe
    BH.org. Hehehe

    A baby swan 🦢

  • Ysabella Simpson
    Ysabella Simpson

    4:54 dat face tho

  • Lucille Denney
    Lucille Denney

    Your dog in the background go a shirt or something 😂

  • Linnyboo Moo
    Linnyboo Moo

    The library one tho doejsobekdhodbdkdhskbsosbwozboabdoahsosboavsosbaosbsojsjsbosbdosbaovwoeyqobdk hits different when all you want to do all day every day is read

  • KateCeder4

    Are you still friends with azzy

  • Reese Ting
    Reese Ting

    I want the goose. GIVE ME

  • peppa pig
    peppa pig

    My dad also brought home a duck from the golf course and we looked after it

  • peppa pig
    peppa pig

    My dad goes to golf and they change the holes every 2 months

  • Eva Mathews
    Eva Mathews


  • Lottie Hines
    Lottie Hines

    I have tons of face masks that you can peel

  • Ann0ying_G0ose

    6:10 that was me a while back ;D

  • • Sophia •
    • Sophia •

    6:17 BiLl NyE tHe ScIeNcE gUy

  • Sharon Lightle
    Sharon Lightle

    Hatching chicks and ducks are really fun we did it at school last month

  • Afifa,s Crafts
    Afifa,s Crafts

    1:48 looking like shinchan

  • Claire Njeri
    Claire Njeri

    Please try the first one goom it looks fun and funny in the course of my gymnastic I should know

  • Sophia_mercado Az
    Sophia_mercado Az

    But no hate here

  • Sophia_mercado Az
    Sophia_mercado Az


  • Minaz Prasla
    Minaz Prasla

    in a place i go to on friday in 2020 but before there was a lake and it was sooo clean in 2019 but now itssssssssssssss soooooooooooooooooo grosss

  • lbruz400

    Do you have a dog ? 🐕‍🦺

  • Jackie Lawley
    Jackie Lawley

    It’s not a sky camera or something its a drone with a camera on. It

  • Avery Nacarato
    Avery Nacarato

    When kassie was watching the clay one her dog took something off of a table

  • Douglas Calhoun
    Douglas Calhoun

    1:52 look at her dog it’s so cute I know it’s name I just don’t know how to spell it lol

  • bonniebooletsgooo

    Me: theres a dog in the backround 🤣 Gloom: watching the tiktocks doesnt even notise 😅 PS: sorry if i spelt things wrong


    I have no talent and have the same fyp 😂

  • Sad_Bunny

    Wanna know the arty food we have in England? ✨fabs✨ ✨knobby bobblys✨ And lasts but not least... ✨mr kipling✨

  • Summer Hargreaves
    Summer Hargreaves


  • kemoe hoqau
    kemoe hoqau

    The powerful sweatshop cellularly tremble because nic undeniably call beyond a quack bugle. utopian, rhetorical jennifer

  • Ethanplays Roblox
    Ethanplays Roblox

    Awww I luv the duck

  • Rose Gamer
    Rose Gamer


  • holly hardesty
    holly hardesty

    nobody...... kassies ' dog getting the piece of cloth in the background [ 1:53 ]

  • jeremiah hensley
    jeremiah hensley

    Gloom: bubblegum ice cream Me: MMMMMMMMMMM cotton candy ice cream

  • Hollie Mcintosh
    Hollie Mcintosh

    Im a new member

  • Hollie Mcintosh
    Hollie Mcintosh

    I can do all the thing on her

  • Jodie-ann Hgjjjfjjc
    Jodie-ann Hgjjjfjjc

    I love the way u say happy day on GLooM

  • Sanne van Meijeren
    Sanne van Meijeren

    1:52 Did your dog just steal a blanket or something?😂

  • CottonCandyPlays

    10:01 🤨😳😐

  • Meeep Teh_potate
    Meeep Teh_potate

    When I saw the library I cried


    Super satisfying also

  • Kelly Beauty N Life
    Kelly Beauty N Life

    I find it hilarious when Gloom sees something and gets so mesmerized that she herself has to try it too😂😂

  • UwU Mochi Gamer UwU
    UwU Mochi Gamer UwU

    When ever I hear clay I think of Dream

  • Marissa Kraeger
    Marissa Kraeger

    1:49 did anyone notice the dog

  • Tina Lambrecht
    Tina Lambrecht

    Your dog was drawing some thing in the beginning of the video

  • Just_ducky

    1:50 did her dog just steal her shirt?!? XD

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    IT REQUIRES TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ✨🌸YogurtLife🌸✨

    “This is probably the most stickiest thing in the world”. Me: Did you know the most stickiest this in the world is water? Seriously, look it up

  • Patricia K
    Patricia K

    I feel like the girl in the first one had fnaf merch or something because the back of her shirt said obey, which is a vanny thing-

  • Sophia You
    Sophia You

    How come Kassie didn’t record her doing pottery? She said she did it :0

  • Arzu Karaüzüm
    Arzu Karaüzüm

    Your the best gloom I love all your videos

  • Infinity RBLX
    Infinity RBLX

    Fun fact: the Statue of Liberty is made of copper

  • Çłøudÿ Eçłîpes
    Çłøudÿ Eçłîpes

    1:52 i look how uhh I forgot his name ur dog is just dragging a blanket or something in the background

  • Phantom_ 6470
    Phantom_ 6470

    09:36 AlL tHe BoOks!!!!!!!!!

  • Random Fandom Person
    Random Fandom Person

    4:53 “I like your cut G”

  • Splash thefly
    Splash thefly

    If anyone is interested: those tapes are called washi tape. A lot of artists use them. 😁👍

  • crazy kitty
    crazy kitty


  • Libby Brezak
    Libby Brezak

    Gloom: Oh clay making so much harder than it looks... Me: Look at dat doggo eating a blanket in the background so bootiful

  • Gabriel Tibus
    Gabriel Tibus

    9:22 I don't know if you watch the trolls series on Netflix but the library where poppy gets her scrapbooks looks similar to this😌

  • Shyla Laurreine Antonio
    Shyla Laurreine Antonio

    Why is she so addicting to watch? I always tell my self “just one more”…

  • Kamiland 2
    Kamiland 2

    Did anyone else notice Angie walking with a shirt in mouth

  • Joy Surles
    Joy Surles


  • Zainab Hameedawi
    Zainab Hameedawi

    you are amazing

  • Zainab Hameedawi
    Zainab Hameedawi

    i love you Kassie

  • Leslea Heitman
    Leslea Heitman

    The one at 1:05 I was waiting for the ⬆️🕷

  • Philip Bell
    Philip Bell


  • Gemma Moore
    Gemma Moore

    Like you cut G

  • FNAF fan Idk
    FNAF fan Idk

    You know the thing that guy used with the knife and lolypop? That's called a disc sander of you didn't know. Just letting ya know if you didn't already 🙂

  • Jennifer Stanfield
    Jennifer Stanfield


  • Jennifer Stanfield
    Jennifer Stanfield



    You remind me of sachie

  • David Halim
    David Halim

    Goom:what do you do with the left iver paint tho? ME:Simple throw it in the trash

  • Tara Asteria
    Tara Asteria

    Please make a game video!

  • charity hoskins
    charity hoskins

    I pealed off one of those masks 9ff my face and it sounded like tape

  • CheshieD

    The copper thing... uh nah pennies only have a thin coat of copper, they just polished it off and polished the zinc and other metals under it. New pennies are shiner that old ones, but they’re still reddish-brown.

  • Reilyn Ruel
    Reilyn Ruel

    same when you said you found a egg

  • sabrina ray
    sabrina ray

    The one that pulled the paint out of the bucket is my cousin

  • Tracy Cristina
    Tracy Cristina

    2:04 - 2:05 How has it not melted so far XD gurl.... its clay it doesn't melt it hardens with heat XDDD

  • Drágøñqûïpp !!
    Drágøñqûïpp !!

    1:52 what da pupper got back there??

  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller

    I love that

  • lovely

    One time in like 3rd grade my teacher ask me to take tape off a whiteboard. Yes. I did it slowly ❤️

  • Riley

    but it didn't break

  • Riley

    my dad made a huge whale on the beach in 3d and I sat on it. it looked like it could fit like 10 of me XD

  • Rebecca Morgan
    Rebecca Morgan


  • Eli potter
    Eli potter


  • Molly Lish
    Molly Lish

    GLOOM i do the first trick i do that as an aftershool activity I have done that but I am only 9!!! Its called wheel also its not skary( that trick is called free seat)

  • Claire Bostwick
    Claire Bostwick

    Does anyone think that Kassie is beautiful!?! She is so kind and

  • Vanity girl 123
    Vanity girl 123

    Me eating cookie while while I watch this😂

  • Stacy Greenleaf
    Stacy Greenleaf

    I like it and it's awesome I love you more than your Husband

  • Linaya Martinez
    Linaya Martinez

    that is so cool lol😂

  • Mayar Hatem
    Mayar Hatem

    I have axiaty




    Can u play Minecraft for once

  • Minka Kitching
    Minka Kitching

    I saw a dog taking something

MY ANNUAL Q&A |  2021
MY ANNUAL Q&A |  2021