Kids Acting Like Adults
Kids do be growing up so fast lately. This is a funny compilation of little humans doing relatable big human things.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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  • DA NOOB farooq
    DA NOOB farooq

    my little brother always pretends that he has to watch when he eats

  • Cryo Is Shivering
    Cryo Is Shivering

    7:47 We just gonna ignore the fact she said “Ga Ga Goo Goo” Stead of “Goo Goo Ga Ga”?

  • Yvonne Fogarty
    Yvonne Fogarty

    Yeah I also hate morning breath uhhhhhhh

  • Diederich Show
    Diederich Show

    Stop pretending your sssniperwolf.

  • [💎👑] AxuzqR  ✓
    [💎👑] AxuzqR ✓


  • HB - 08ST 734598 Sunny View MS
    HB - 08ST 734598 Sunny View MS

    hold up is the girl in the start from the fish fam like taytum and oakley?

  • Danielle Moonarm
    Danielle Moonarm

    When I was like 7-9 I was still watching Let's Play and yet 8 year olds now think they're like 20.

  • Hazel Bazzar
    Hazel Bazzar

    Kassie: I want a kid Also kassie: I don’t want a kid

  • Tikos agent
    Tikos agent

    I drink coffee

  • Isabel Delatorre
    Isabel Delatorre

    When I graduated preschool all I had was a little concert where we sang and than we got a little certificate and bam it's done

  • Party Master
    Party Master

    When i was in kindergarten i got to wear THE HAT AND MY PRETTY PINK DRESS now no more Edit) my parents always say im like 30

  • I never went to Pre-School

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    Girl my little sister got her hair dyed when she was two 😎

  • Harley Roberts
    Harley Roberts

    "Kids think they are ppl" I'm a person aren't I? I'm not a dog, I'm not a cat, I am a human. (Not trying to be rude btw)

    • Harley Roberts
      Harley Roberts

      It's like the drimatic tiktok trend

  • Solar Eclipse and Moonshine
    Solar Eclipse and Moonshine

    2:18 on My like why I'm crying 😂😂

  • Danae Bolanos
    Danae Bolanos

    I also do golf lol :I

  • Danae Bolanos
    Danae Bolanos

    im nine and I surf play tennis im on a swim team I do ballet and ballroom dance so I do have a busy schedule

  • Annie Willingham
    Annie Willingham

    I want to be a witch too just from Harry Potter

  • Lida girl version
    Lida girl version


  • Lida girl version
    Lida girl version

    When the baby screamed when he after he got his medicine I couldn't stop laughing and I had to replay it like 10 times like I left for like like a minute straight- 😂

  • Haleigh Burris
    Haleigh Burris

    I got to wear the whole graduation outfit

  • Natalie Ritchey
    Natalie Ritchey

    Kids eh...they think they're people...this is why we dont listen to adults this is why adults dont take children seriously (18 and under) because they arent people...👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Okboomer boomer
    Okboomer boomer

    Kids eh they think their people WHAT THE HECK ARE WE alians

  • Abby Cruz
    Abby Cruz

    the first girl is actually a twin from a very popular youtube channel called the fishfam and they were probably doing a photoshoot

  • whitetigres101 whitetigres101
    whitetigres101 whitetigres101

    i have faith in the next gen

  • Frida Sørensen
    Frida Sørensen

    0:25 fishfam

  • QueenB Bella
    QueenB Bella

    My dad yelled at me for getting after my lil stepbro for cursing (he is under 10) and i got a panic attack, and he said "its okay, you don't have to cry, it will be okay, he was just mad" i thought it was so sweet


    3:14 GURLSAME

  • Deja Harris19
    Deja Harris19

    The first little girl looked like one of the twins from taytum and Oakley

  • Psycho Wolf
    Psycho Wolf

    The first one you watched was so cute she’s acting like a Kardashian and I don’t have mine phone when I was her age I got it like when I was like still nine and I’m still nine right now dang she acts like an adult I think she works a lot like in the backyard

  • Himakshi Azoriya
    Himakshi Azoriya

    Everybody - I wanna be a kid again Me - why didn't she include piper rockelle in this video 😭 🤦‍♀️ 👁👄👁

  • Animal Nerd
    Animal Nerd

    3:23 I’m a teenager and I can’t look people in the eye still🤣

  • AbbyCat

    2:20 I could watch that ALLLL day 🤣

  • FunnyKat

    Carson harris will be a US president.

  • Ariana Grande fan
    Ariana Grande fan


  • Ezoumian Allou
    Ezoumian Allou

    Ye he's so confident

  • Daphne Espino
    Daphne Espino

    So you are a Taurus

  • Tiyon Edits
    Tiyon Edits

    I love this channel

  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez

    Kassie: “Aww thats so cute I need a kid and Golden Retriever” Also Kassie: “I don’t want kids” 😂😂😂

  • bettylol_girl

    Can someone tell me how is this 1M views

  • •random roblox things•
    •random roblox things•

    I’m just now realizing when I was four I got my ears pierced and this was my face the whole time 🙂

  • Teresa Heitkamp
    Teresa Heitkamp

    He be small bis wax man in green suit

  • Teresa Heitkamp
    Teresa Heitkamp

    I wore a hat and gound :>

  • Like A Dino
    Like A Dino

    Un my baby brother when he’s was just 2 he chased us with a knife

  • lily !
    lily !

    0:27 kid kardashian go bre

  • lily !
    lily !

    nobody: nine year old me watching what i eat and walking around with a clipboard at school pretending to work there:

  • •Princess Justice•
    •Princess Justice•

    Da vid wasn't complete if she won't say "Happy day, im Gloom"

  • xx_Dimond Star_xx
    xx_Dimond Star_xx

    The first kid was tatum from the fishfam family

  • Via Plays
    Via Plays

    not me just watching this at 10:00 pm lol oopsies

  • 💕k3nsa

    And kids eh? They think they’re people 😃👍 0.01

  • Rpcutie Perry
    Rpcutie Perry

    me in my bed literally dying of laughter

  • Whitney

    I love how Kassie said farm game when she was playing Minecraft honestly I can't blame her tho because I don't know if she's ever heard of it

  • • Sara Chidouin's Fandoms •
    • Sara Chidouin's Fandoms •

    Kid: I wanna be a witch Me: 😟😟DID SHE JUST SAY SHE WANTS TO BE A BITC-

  • 6373

    😏👌 😐🖐 👁👄👁


    Gloom is so mean she always thinks kids are crazy,bad,and annoying that is so rude

  • king_lemonboii337

    3:03 green suit kid for president please

  • Marz

    Ok the hehehehehe I love that we stand that

  • Sara York
    Sara York

    Gaa ga go gooo9

  • Sunflowie🌻Gaming

    "They think there's people" 😂 wut

  • MoriahElizabethFans🌈

    Our pre k graduation was blue plastic bowls upsidedown taped with a yellow string.

  • Alexis Higgins
    Alexis Higgins

    Can you please do more painting videos

  • Cynthia Gould
    Cynthia Gould

    I can see Carson Harris being a president

  • Xx:A2:xX

    Trust me, I’d you search up on tik tok, I am not faking tics. ITS FUNNY THIS KID IS SO ANNOYINGLY FUNNY

  • ginger moultrie
    ginger moultrie

    the elmo hat got me

  • Marco Guzman
    Marco Guzman

    "Kids they think they're people" But then what are they????

  • Drmasmoo

    Gloom: I need a kid Gloom 2 seconds later: but I don’t want a kid

  • PrincxslyCutiepie

    Drying to act like sniperwolf

  • Lois Wilson
    Lois Wilson

    The kid: how nasty of YOU Me: look at this dude hahaits the sounding like a grown man for me lol Gloom/cassy sorry if i spelt you're name wrong:hahahahaha just the how nasty of you

  • XLiaXGacha

    One time when I was in my old house around like five or three I looked in the mirror and I saw a little hair standing up on my on top of my head with all my other hair just going down in the top of my hair was standing up like one little strand was standing up I was so annoyed because I started crying because I thought it was so annoying I was crying because I couldn’t get that down get that down here LOL

  • Remy Sandwith
    Remy Sandwith

    2:19 that is a thing to get babies nose unstuffed so they can breathe.

  • Belinda Afuda
    Belinda Afuda

    Oh my gosh 😴😴😴😩😩😞😡

  • Loujine Moussa
    Loujine Moussa

    1:51 i thought everyone did that lol

  • Sleepy

    3:31 first thought: Debby Ryan


    Me gets ear holes thing:huh....... MEEEE WEEE WAAAA 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Milly Dose What
    Milly Dose What

    2:13 don’t mind me just saving this so I can show my mom

  • Vera Dorsey
    Vera Dorsey

    I Had A Little Brother He Had A Whole Party Full Of Snacks And Hats All The Parents Were There When He Finished Preschool

  • Brisa Zuniga
    Brisa Zuniga

    Now I wanna be a baby again and have a dog😭😂

  • Deema Elshereef
    Deema Elshereef

    “Three years AGO…..this kid didn’t exist”…….🤣🤣🤣

  • Luca Light
    Luca Light

    When my cousin was little I told her that you go to college to become whatever you want and she said she wanted to go to college to become a horse 🤣

  • {candygaming}

    The first video the gitl with the hair she looks like that girl in harry potte

  • Grace

    “ and kids ay? They think they’re *People* “ - Kassie 2021

  • Daisy R. Isagunde
    Daisy R. Isagunde

    I had a preschool graduation and I was the smarts

  • •stxrlight•

    5:50 “Man I need a kid.” 7:07 “…but I don’t want a kid.”

  • Dear LalondeBii
    Dear LalondeBii

    I pretended that I was on several medications and had a drinking problem. My sis, cousin, and I all watched too much reality tv... plus we were literally just surrounded by adults exactly like that lol

    • Dear LalondeBii
      Dear LalondeBii

      Their- person owning something. “It’s their dog” They’re- they are. “They’re cute” There- a place. “It’s over there” Sorry, all the incorrect uses in the comments was killing me and I had to say something but didn’t want to be rude and say it to a specific person.

  • Niamh Scott
    Niamh Scott

    Can we just appreciate that kids Elmo hat the was backwards


    Lil children that have a 📱:😏✨

  • Ananya Dwivedi
    Ananya Dwivedi

    2:24 the nails tho

  • Sahara's Gaming
    Sahara's Gaming

    3:44 IM DEAD!!!!!

  • Artsy Flukez
    Artsy Flukez

    “Kids eh? They think they’re ✨people✨”

  • Olesia Resias
    Olesia Resias

    2:21 when that baby screamed i laughed

  • Jessie 5 gamer girl Roblox
    Jessie 5 gamer girl Roblox

    The first video that you watched of the little girl she has a family vlog

  • Kathy Ofarts
    Kathy Ofarts

    Kinds eyy? They think there people. YAA cause they are

  • Karty Party
    Karty Party

    Is it just me or was the first kid was Tatum or Oakley Kyler and mad 😂

  • ▄︻デH̷i̷m̷i̷k̷o̷══━一

    Cassie: "Man I need a ki-" Editor: CUT THE SCENE CUT IT

  • alexsa lolipop
    alexsa lolipop

    AhhH l wish she noices me l love your vids im your biggest fan can have a shout ou pleaseeee

  • Eva Pighin
    Eva Pighin

    i was literally laughing the whole vid! lol

  • Waffle Gang
    Waffle Gang

    I used to do my own facials when I was nine 😂

  • Lisa11W

    7:05 when the dog dies the kid might get traumatized and/or depression

  • annabelle perrow
    annabelle perrow

    That kid who said how nasty of you on the prank my mum tried doing that to me but I didn’t go nothin on me thankfully.

  • Hearts and Fun
    Hearts and Fun

    I wanna be a witch that is nice toooooooooo :3