when the sleep paralysis demon kinda flirty 🧟💘
Don't Open Your Eyes... unless you gon do it
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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  • Raptorclaw

    gloom:"have you ever just had so much trouble falling asleep?" me:"yes every night its really annoying"

  • Luna-chan

    Kassie no! I wanted to see what would happen if you had opened your eyes when his expression, eyes, and hands were showing-


    Gloom: he must be a Scorpio Me a Scorpio: PLEASE WHY IS THAT TRUE-

  • Arlene Nunes
    Arlene Nunes

    No one Her: what do you want from me??? Edit: here is the time 8:29

  • ꧁EclipseHybrid꧂


  • Banana Man
    Banana Man

    I am a Scorpio and I take offense the fact you think this guy is one of the scorpios

  • Searchin_For_Keys

    I have sleep paralysis 😭

  • Ivana Usiwo
    Ivana Usiwo

    is it just me or is it that everytime he says something with touching i shake and his voice is amazing ;))))))

  • Skylar Quiliza
    Skylar Quiliza

    my room is by the kitchen and the only living soul at the kitchen is my dogs and under my sisters bed is a hatsune miku poster-

  • Gabriela Zea
    Gabriela Zea

    Pick me boys be like

  • Fumiko Scar
    Fumiko Scar

    My brain is imagining him as an anime character I need to stop 😭✋

  • Bubblegum girl
    Bubblegum girl

    You think you have it bad? I once slept for ZERO HOURS ONE NIGHT. Your VERY lucky........3 am was....*scary*....it was...dark....I heard....noises....I did not do anything for the whole hour....hoping if someone *was* there....they would leave me alone....now...every night....I hear the rumba....who would be up as late as me?............who?

  • Back40

    I'm not tryin tooo steal yo man but he's sweet👍

  • Fatima Mansoor :D
    Fatima Mansoor :D


  • Fatima Mansoor :D
    Fatima Mansoor :D

    oPeN yOuR eYeS.

  • Lps murder-tv
    Lps murder-tv

    Why am I catching feelings for a sleep paralysis demon👀

  • Mandy Anderson
    Mandy Anderson

    this is terrifying, but in a comforting way if that makes sense. Cassie makes it better, but if only she could make it best.

  • Karina Esparza
    Karina Esparza

    The voice sound like sleepy

  • Fnf Plays
    Fnf Plays


  • Aishath Zoha
    Aishath Zoha

    1:19 I yeeted my phone 😂😂

  • joseph mraz
    joseph mraz

    I like how she nice to it

  • thebabyoad

    Demon rips out my eyes also Demon these are so pretty

  • Annalise Clark
    Annalise Clark

    It’s like y’all have not herd of a flash light 💡 or BIBLE

  • Y♡︎ℝI͜͡--!

    Gloom literally turns a horror game into a comedy game.. EVERY TIME SHE TALKS I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING 😭✋

  • Lejla Hodžić
    Lejla Hodžić

    That guy is making a ASMR video 🙃💛

  • nejis Hands
    nejis Hands

    This would be me if i heard a mildly attractive voice in bed

  • m0CH1_T0KY

    *this ain’t tamaki I AINT NO SIMP!*

  • SquidDayGames

    Dont worry demon, you're very hot

  • Poggers :•
    Poggers :•

    I love how Gloom said "Definitely a Scorpio" like whats that supposed to mean?!? We that creepy?

  • Lil'Nobody

    I think the thing he left was his S O U L?

  • Lil'Nobody

    I want the sleep paralysis demon here. He's just lonely and shy😭

  • All Together 27
    All Together 27

    that demon got a case of the crushies

  • ItzRainbowGaming YT
    ItzRainbowGaming YT

    The whispering scared me like shut up demon u creepy

  • SP - 05HM 811752 Russell D Barber PS
    SP - 05HM 811752 Russell D Barber PS

    can you open your eyes at 17:05 the next time you play? I wanna see what happens :D

  • XiinnYT

    That voice of the demon tho.....😶

  • Hadley Hill
    Hadley Hill

    This guy is like a therapist jeez

  • Ligaya Aurora
    Ligaya Aurora

    "This guy's a Scorpio for sure" I just had to

  • ʟˣᵛᵉʸʸᵘ

    The demon talking to me while I sleep is this whole video

  • Azuna Dania
    Azuna Dania

    i thought that annebell at the door really come out in the game but its just her edit

  • mhelroox

    Demon:"will you scream?" Ayo sussy

  • Grima M
    Grima M

    3 ways to avoid your sleep paralysis demon 1. Just don’t sleep 2. Close the door like a normal person 3. If said demon somehow gets into your room don’t open your eyes

  • Its me Namrata
    Its me Namrata

    You think he is scorpio but I am scorpio too isn't this a funny thing😂😂

  • galaxy being
    galaxy being

    I can not sleep at all I have sleeping probssss😩😭😭

  • Lovely_Leanna

    my sleep paralysis demon:hi how ya doing

  • Mostly meme gacha!
    Mostly meme gacha!

    “That you end up losing yourself” Me : 👉🏻👈🏻 WeLl-

    • Mostly meme gacha!
      Mostly meme gacha!

      I also sleep with my door wide open but my demons understand personal space (most the time) I’ve only ever seen shadows within my own room and in the hallways are these deformed pitch black people

  • •lauren_.not_found•

    why am i so weird. i keep on simping at his voice-

  • -Kaylynn-Marie -
    -Kaylynn-Marie -

    stop why is his voice so attractive 😭

  • Tiny Gaming Hooman
    Tiny Gaming Hooman

    Not me actually begging my self to meet him to make a friend 😞

  • Tiny Gaming Hooman
    Tiny Gaming Hooman

    Me actually wanting to meet him to become my friend 😩

  • Savanna Bair
    Savanna Bair

    His voice is the thing that's the most scary

  • {•J0rēÇøR3][•☕

    *Flirty and ASMR-*

  • iHeLXSourXxz

    Me on the half of the video awww I wana give you a hug me at the end you discusting lil-

  • the spoiled kitten
    the spoiled kitten

    that monster is now my husband i am creepy like actually

  • Armita Shafie
    Armita Shafie

    This is how night hag feels like

  • Armita Shafie
    Armita Shafie

    Oooooh boooyyy that was spicy

  • Onyxx

    y'all i just had to put my back against something to make sure none flirty sleep demons gonna come up behind me

  • Helena Johnson
    Helena Johnson

    gloom: this guys a scorpio for sure me: uh is that an insult? bc im a scorpio.....

  • delilah childers
    delilah childers

    i hope they make a part 2 of the GAME

  • Meria Lazo
    Meria Lazo


  • ggwolf _pack1213
    ggwolf _pack1213

    I feel bad for the paralysis demon he kinda seems nice but also mean-.-

  • pixelchords

    me, who is terrified of sleep paralysis: watching this video is a great idea :D

  • CherryBloomishGamingChannel

    Am sorry but how he sounds he is to attractive am sorry but i need that sleep demon to be my husband✋😳

  • Maria Rubicon
    Maria Rubicon

    When I was younger I couldn’t sleep because I always had a voice in my head singing making my head hurt so much

  • _kicore

    not me eating ~Zesty Ranch Veggie Straws~ wall watching this

  • Em Beboso
    Em Beboso

    Demon: I think I did it again Me immediately: oh wait again?

  • HYBE banana milk
    HYBE banana milk

    At 6:18 : myself as I Scorpio : should I take it as an empathy sign or as an insult. But honestly she is right. I feel like this guy was my soul talking. But I don’t have broken eyes. I think

  • The girl Alone
    The girl Alone

    Pls make a part 2 but at the end you open i want to see if thats a different ending

  • [シ☆❁Your Lazy idiot☆❁☆シ]
    [シ☆❁Your Lazy idiot☆❁☆シ]

    **scared simping**

  • Cindy Draws
    Cindy Draws

    The dude's question be deep tho

  • Cindy Draws
    Cindy Draws

    Why does the demon sounds like those ASMR boyfriends oOoOoooooO.

  • Leon the blue cat
    Leon the blue cat

    You make this face: “wAgH”

  • Dexter Bululu
    Dexter Bululu

    What did he break your skull...? WAS THAT THE BITE OF 2021?

  • kittyfacefree54

    Tbh the thing was kinda cute haha😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Gabriella Eichbaum
    Gabriella Eichbaum

    What’s this game called?

  • Felipa Castillo
    Felipa Castillo


  • ★Eclipse’s side of YouTube ★
    ★Eclipse’s side of YouTube ★

    Me: reads the title Also me: SHAWTYYY

  • Eveebella_gacha

    Am I A psychopath because I keep my door open every night🙃

  • Chania Spires
    Chania Spires

    I would shut the door and get under the coverts idc if it’s hot I’ll sweat if I have too

  • PatolaGamer TV
    PatolaGamer TV

    Lonely sandwich I sub to u

  • Your Local Test Papers
    Your Local Test Papers

    Me having My Eyes closed: Wha?

  • Midnightspiral

    Is this only on pc?

  • Isabelle B
    Isabelle B

    Wach kids react to dhmis. You won’t regret

  • Anastasie kaniki
    Anastasie kaniki

    HE TOOK YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think

  • April Garcia
    April Garcia

    nobody: cassie:... do I have to beat somebody out?

  • Bubbleleasha

    She’s basically playing build your paralysis demon simulator

  • Maru ._.
    Maru ._.

    His voice is kinda soothing tho-

  • MJ Wilson
    MJ Wilson

    Play this again!!

  • I love Zailetsplay
    I love Zailetsplay

    "I can finally take those bed sheets of your body" Me: 😟

  • Stephen Baker
    Stephen Baker

    Gloom: *flirts with demon* Demon: and rip them off Gloom: =-O. =:O. *continues to flirt* You go girl

  • Ava Jerger
    Ava Jerger

    I cant sleep

  • _ cookie angel _
    _ cookie angel _

    2:53 she laughed like ariana grande

  • Starboy Games
    Starboy Games

    He blinded her

  • vqelin

    not me covering the screen the whole time.

  • sophie garmadon
    sophie garmadon

    19:10 *me lowering my volume just incase a jumpscare comes* 👁👄👁

  • ("Milky_Mocii")

    actually i Kinda Think the Demon voice is Hot;) Pls Dont call me weird;-;

  • Jennifer Raney
    Jennifer Raney

    I'm in Scorpio so i'm related to this monster.😟😟😟

  • Rhonda Buchanan
    Rhonda Buchanan

    One like equals one prayer for the monster

  • Ender Golem
    Ender Golem

    Who else got scared when gloom edited Annabelle into the doorway

  • 1hoursongs

    What is this called 👽 i wanna talk to a demon aswell 👹

  • Skyla D'Amico
    Skyla D'Amico

    me: dont simp for the demon , dont simp Demon: *speaks* Me: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Im simping now