Can’t tell if this is dumb or genius
I have a lot of questions. There’s a lot to unpack here. These are videos that slightly worry me.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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  • Anime

    She said there was dirt on his shoulder so he would rub the clothe then made static electricity which since the coin is metal, made the coin fall

  • Powerpuffgirl chats
    Powerpuffgirl chats

    tHaT’s EnOuGh sLiCeS

  • Ellie Agnew
    Ellie Agnew

    5:23 - who thinks to grind up inanimate objects WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU GRIND?

  • Sienna and Willa
    Sienna and Willa

    “There’s a lot to unpack” -Gloom

  • SMToon Philippine
    SMToon Philippine

    Me seeing the "knock the coin without touching the cup in any way" one: Wait couldn't they just like punch the table or something like that

  • Lydia Zabala
    Lydia Zabala

    Kassie: “is there anything tougher than skate board kids?” Me literally running into walls , falling , and choking of my food 247

  • AriesFnafFan

    4:40 the party when your class wins the pizza party

  • Emmy bruce
    Emmy bruce

    When she said broke one wrist, and then broke another wrist: Me: spits milk out all over my bed, then continues to fall on the floor from laughter

  • Lily

    4:20 how they cut the pizza when there was a school party

  • Alaynna Smestad
    Alaynna Smestad

    5:48... Why does her arm look so long??? Or is it just me.....

  • AndThats_A_Fact.exe2

    8:43 That’s not a dog that’s a full on dragon

  • Meika Huffman
    Meika Huffman

    4:30 pov your class got a "pizza party" and everyone gets "one slice"

  • Emma Parkinson
    Emma Parkinson

    *looks in comments to see what happend*

  • 𝚡̷𝚇̷_𝚙̷𝚘̷𝚖̷𝚙̷_𝚇̷𝚡̷

    Ay you and Lauren might wanna check out this channel La La Life, they're looking suspiciously like Troom Troom from the shorts I saw.

  • lemon :]
    lemon :]

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Terry’s editing skills?

  • Franciska Cristea
    Franciska Cristea

    :) :) :)

  • Franciska Cristea
    Franciska Cristea

    Same girl hah


    ?assie with a C or a K?

  • fizzy slushie
    fizzy slushie


  • Ilovewolfs 🐺❤
    Ilovewolfs 🐺❤

    "A few days later he posted a picture with boyfriend" Me:.....wut the fu-

  • Im Hungry
    Im Hungry

    I was wondering why u were speaking so fast, i forgot my playback speed was at 1.75x

  • Reese Ting
    Reese Ting

    I feel really bad for that little kid though lol-

  • Paige adriance
    Paige adriance

    It’s enough slices

  • Gacha Lolbit
    Gacha Lolbit

    4:09 why? why WHY!?

  • Ghoast

    7:19 fricking vampire


    Normal people: sheesh Me: sheeshings My brothers: you have ruined the joke for us- My friend: sheeshings My friends brother: I- I just can’t-

  • Makay Sediqi
    Makay Sediqi

    Uno reaverse

  • Natali Nikolaidou
    Natali Nikolaidou

    Ok so i didn't even know that ✌️word✌️ existed and i whas saiyng IT so i thot i made that up but now i'm like bruh😅😂 Sorry if i spelled rong lol

  • Miki Glover
    Miki Glover

    "Is there anything tougher than skateboard kids?" *me a gymnast who has face planted, fallen of the beam, broken bones and failed to do tricks many times*

  • Phili Edward Macario
    Phili Edward Macario

    2:28 to the right Tucker Budzyn

  • Amazing Dog Queen
    Amazing Dog Queen

    The pizza u get in the 5th grade pizza party

  • Emily Raymer
    Emily Raymer

    The pizza one was about how much pizza you get at a school pizza party

  • Madison Martinez
    Madison Martinez


  • Lexi LeDuc-Casagrande
    Lexi LeDuc-Casagrande

    I’m dieting in my bed plz explain this video

  • Veronica Potts-Bufton
    Veronica Potts-Bufton

    I once cut my thinner well ting my lace

  • ojas pannu
    ojas pannu

    I broke the same wrist twice from wrestling with my older brother

  • Bethany Cunningham
    Bethany Cunningham

    i agree with the sheesh thing

  • Ellie Blanton
    Ellie Blanton

    My choir teacher made us do a harmonized sheeeesh during the last week of school and all the guys magically turned into sopranos 😂

  • bxnny.

    Its 1 am and i am watching gloom-

  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen

    The last one though....

  • Kacchan1

    3:40 if Deku was a dog

  • abby allen
    abby allen

    I’m sorry kassie are you wearing holo taco

  • Makayla Goy
    Makayla Goy

    4:35 “this is the amount of pizza you get at a school pizza party”

  • Storm_YT56


  • ELI Ortiz
    ELI Ortiz

    Dogs when you die inside your house your dog or cat might eat your body isn't that creepy or just me

  • Natalia Vasquez
    Natalia Vasquez

    For those who don’t know, @ 10:00, that Tik tok is referring to banana fish (an anime), specifically the ending, look it up!

  • 😍🥰daughter and dad🥰😍
    😍🥰daughter and dad🥰😍


  • Soleil All Day
    Soleil All Day

    Me: Lol d- _ -b Stranger: how did you get a flipped over b? Me: it's a D? Stranger: ok D- _ -B

  • A L
    A L

    Can you do a lgbtq video for pride month?

  • Mia Nichol
    Mia Nichol

    I don’t like pizza

  • jessica stewart
    jessica stewart

    my brother fell off the fence and b roke his wrists

  • Michelle Broaddrick
    Michelle Broaddrick

    I like Scott's reality or whatever his textbook name is called yeah Scott's reality He's a cool dude I follow him

  • Gia Jimenez
    Gia Jimenez

    I tried the fainting trick on my Minnie and she didn`t even notice she just fell asleep...I think my dog hates me

  • wolfdabs013

  • duckduckgaming

    Me now thinking: Reese‘s puffs Reese‘s puffs eat them up eat them up eat them up!

  • •V𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚕𝚊_M𝚘𝚌𝚑𝚊 ㋡
    •V𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚕𝚊_M𝚘𝚌𝚑𝚊 ㋡

    He just went “WEE”

  • claire timmons
    claire timmons

    Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩🐶

  • Abbie Star
    Abbie Star

    The last one🤣😂🤣

    • Abbie Star
      Abbie Star

      It’s kind of like playing Uno or exploding kittens feels like

  • Roy Meston
    Roy Meston

    The "we gotta get the gang back together" sounds like a paraphrased quote from The Blues Brothers?

  • fruit salad witch
    fruit salad witch

    I think we skipped a couple pages in that last one

  • Scrill100

    That Sheesh stuff- It annoys me cause the people who make fun of me say that all the time- eck- it also just sounds weird-

  • JoeyHeidi Richardson
    JoeyHeidi Richardson


  • Bo Jinhong
    Bo Jinhong

    I feel so bad for the one who’s croch got stepped on

  • Nimmi Meller
    Nimmi Meller

    RIP Logans arms 2012-2019

  • Nimmi Meller
    Nimmi Meller

    I know a guy who broke his arm than right before the school play he broke his other arm

  • Randomstuff

    Happy day I'm glOoM

  • NoodleCups

    Poor wriste dude

  • aynur er
    aynur er

    Gloom this entire video : "thEres aLot tO UnPacK"

  • - Miyikchu -
    - Miyikchu -

    With e coins you could shake the table-

  • Mohammed Thamiratta
    Mohammed Thamiratta

    Pls judge me but I thought the guy who's covered himself with tape is trying to be the grenade from fortnite

  • Claire Akuta
    Claire Akuta

    2:30 I see Linda and tucker

  • Lizard Team
    Lizard Team

    My friend loves skots reallity Guy how grins stuff

  • Gøat_Demon

    Within the first 10 seconds of this video it reminded me of when I put an Ipad charger (plugged in and everything) in my mouth to taste eletricity

  • Aria Gail
    Aria Gail

    I have a bearded dragon and I Love them but I don’t think there venomous but you don’t want to get bit by one because I’m pretty sure it would hurt

  • Samuel Gibbs
    Samuel Gibbs

    That lizard is not venomous but it can bite off your finger and go through your bone and they are called bearded dragon

  • x.metal.bands.x

    the domino’s worker: so how many slices would you like ma’am? the person who ordered the pizza: oh i don’t know. maybe 88? is that reasonable? no, you’re right. let’s go 96.

  • Ana Smiles
    Ana Smiles

    Can anyone explain how the coins thing happened or I will never fall asleep

  • hellopepolesez_1

    i feel so unpacked that i am now packed

  • Ian Condon
    Ian Condon

    9:00 bearded dragons aren't venomous. They basically don't have teeth

  • Bumble_Beach0053

    “What is this is this a ankle breaking competition?” 😭🤚 PLEASEEEEEE

  • 💛Six💛

    Now I need to try and pack up everything that just happened here into the box of uselessness in the back of my brain.

  • Valerie8 BabyYoda
    Valerie8 BabyYoda

    I have the same exact shirt you were wearing

  • Josie Mig
    Josie Mig

    Alternate title: *_”unpacking”_*

  • jade .
    jade .

    the pizza one is the size pieces teachers give you at parties

  • Green bean and Cookie
    Green bean and Cookie

    teachers: we're having a pizza party! the pizza party:

  • Shya hohepa
    Shya hohepa

    i swear if she says there is a lot to unpack here I'm going to die her: there is a lot to unpack here me: jumps off building

  • Ayden Kline
    Ayden Kline

    broccoli _100000000 i hate it

    • Ayden Kline
      Ayden Kline


  • Morning Blues
    Morning Blues

    Me scrolling down the comments to find the explaination of the cup thing

  • Strawbunny_Sweet

    I had this kid in my elementary and her broke his arm twice because of Gaga ball

  • Anisa Malik
    Anisa Malik


  • Janet James
    Janet James

    That boy is so cute

  • Catison24 Plays
    Catison24 Plays

    K so I'm confused... How does the coin thing work!?!?!?

  • Chloe Lippe
    Chloe Lippe


  • Bonnie Armes
    Bonnie Armes


  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone

    There was a creek in the woods behind my house and in the middle was a little piece of land that you had to jump down to get on so I did because I saw a fence on the other side that wasn’t there last time I went so I jumped but it was closer to the side without the fence than the one with and I couldn’t jump that far but on the other side I had to jump high to get up because it was like a little cliff and I fell in the river Mind you it was late fall and the water was freezing so I had to hike all the way through the woods to get back to my house meanwhile soaking wet while it’s 40 degrees

  • vlad

    Just getting ****** thsn diyng and coming back after 6/7 years and having a boyfriend....nothing unusual :/

    • vlad

      And posting a picture

  • Sai Thena Alvar
    Sai Thena Alvar

    Don't mind me just she's 6:00

  • Tongo gabrielle
    Tongo gabrielle

    Funny 0:33 To be continued

  • ITKhezter


  • melisse gerald
    melisse gerald